BREAKING NEWS: The Fashionlush Jewelry Collection is Live (& LIT AF!)


fashionlush jewelry collection, stilnestfashionlush jewelry collection, stilnest

Is this real life?

Honestly, I am pinching myself on how epic this vision of mine came together & SO excited to share it with you guys.

One thing I really like to do, a hobby I guess, is mock things up on the computer in Photoshop. Whether it be clothes, jewelry, or room layouts for my entire house (this got a little crazy), I love my mockups. I also save all of them, just in case an oppurtunity arises.

& about 6 months ago, the oppurtunity arose.

Stilnest reached out to see if I’d be interested in designing my own jewelry collection. Would I be interested? Umm… I already have it designed?

I am not sure they were ready for me, cause I did have a very specific VISION & I am PICKY. I wanted to create pieces that were rad *duh*, represented my style, versatile (can be worn alone or together), & I wanted all of them to really tell a story.

Stilnest really just killed it… & the turn out exceeded all of my expectations. Seeing my stowed away mock-ups turn into a reality was just a total mind blow. The whole process in general was amazing- being a part of the production process, making sure proportions were just right, approving lengths, etc., it was just a really cool experience!

OH YAH- we also filmed a FUN commerical. Check out the video below <3

fashionlush jewelry collection, stilnest

The Fashionlush Collection

each piece has a story to tell, & I’d love for you guys to learn more about my inspiration behind the Fashionlush Jewelry Collection!

i. the Sylvia pinky ring

** comes in gold, rose gold, & silver **

fashionlush jewelry collection, angel pinky ring

I named this pinky ring after my Grandma. She is no longer with us, but man oh man did she LOVE a pinky ring moment. There is an embossed angel on the face of it, which is fitting cause I am sure she is looking down wanting one of these pinky rings :).

ii. the Whitney lariat

** comes in gold, rose gold, & silver **

fashionlush jewelry collection, italian horn lariat

my Dad always wears a gold Italian horn around his neck for luck, ALWAYS. I loved that necklace SO much. I included the Italian horn on this lariat necklace. Which also include the same angel on the ring (to be worn together!). I named this beauty after my sister, cause I wanted to name the pieces after the most important women in my life!

iii. the Linda choker

** comes in gold, rose gold, & silver **

fashionlush jewelry collection, evil eye choker

would you believe me if I said I designed this pieces 5 years ago? I still have the original mock-up (although it def. needed to be updated!). I named this piece after my mom as she has always believed in the evil eye symbol for protection & of course- she’s the ultimate protector from all things evil. There is a red ruby in the center of the eye, my birthstone!

I hope you guys love this collection as much as I do!! Comment your thoughts below. x, E

fashionlush jewelry collection, stilnest



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