How to Feng Shui Your Wallet & Get That Paper


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One of my favorite things about Instagram is all the things you can learn from other people, & one of my most favorite accounts to follow when it comes to learning very interesting things is @eatglitter.

This little fairy of a human is a wealth of information. From tips on eating vegan & kundalini to personalized tarot readings (she did mine once) & crystal healing- she knows her shit (& has the cutest style!). She is the one who inspired this post, cause she did a story all about how she Feng Shui’s her wallet.

My ears were perked. This is my kinda thing & who couldn’t use a little extra cashflow?

I have always had this weird obsession with getting a new wallet, cleaning out the old, & making a fresh wallet transfer. Something about the process is just so zen to me, & now I know why- it’s all an act of Feng Shui, which is super calming  & beneficial energetically.

I took all of @eatglitter‘s tips, did some research of my own, & I can testify- this shit works. I mean, I am not a millionaire all of the sudden, but I can attest that the work has been flowing. I am not saying this to brag, cause that’s not my style, just backing up the power of good energy!

How to Feng Shui Your Wallet

i. update your wallet, & keep it shinin’

got a ratty old wallet you just can’t get rid of cause it “holds everything”? First things first, throw that bad boy in the trash & treat yourself to a badass new wallet. You work hard for the money, so give it a badass, respectable home.

A good wallet is worth the extra investment as loving your wallet will feed in all the positive vibes every time you pull it out.

Also, I suggest going for a smaller wallet, cause the less you can fit, the less you will hoard.

In the same regard take care of your wallet & express gratitude. I am not asking you to wash your wallet nightly or talk to it, but just respect & keep an eye on it (losing it often is no good for financial energy!!).

ii. pick your color

This is my favorite thing ever cause I am kind of obsessed with the psychology of color. Color It is so damn interesting the energy you can receive from different colors, & also the main reason I wanted to begin Feng Shu-ing the shit out of my wallet. I always did black wallets, but little did I know, I was way off base with my color choice.

So, I got super nerdy & began researching all the best colors for finances, which are mostly red, purple, green, & gold. These colors, as you can kind of imagine, are associated with wealth. Red represents success, purple represents royalty, green represents cash money, & gold represents luck & abundance.

At the end of the day, you want to pick a color that really speaks to you!

iii. declutter, declutter, declutter

A cluttered wallet is just full of cluttered & confused energy. Every month, spend some time cleaning out your wallet. Old receipts have negative energy associated with money going out, while keeping your wallet clean makes energetic room for money to come in. If you have to keep a receipt, keep it neat- no crumbled up trash in your wallet!

Pare down your credit cards as well as these too represent debts.

Lastly, take out the family photos. I am nostalgic as fuck & love a few photos in my wallet, but I cleared them out once I learned about wallet Feng Shui. Again, you want to keep the focus on money when it comes to your wallet. Family photos confuses the energy. 

iv. money crystals

The only thing other than cards, cash, & coins I keep in my wallet is crystals in the coin case. I have always done this. A few financial boosting crystals you can put in your wallet are aventurine, emerald, jade, & malachite.

When there is a full moon, be sure to charge these crystals & set a financial intention!

For more Feng Shui vibes, read about the Danish Art of Hygge.

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