Home Decor DIY: Easy & Cheeky Welcome Mat



What’s better than finding a $100 bill in a pair of an old pair of shorts? Maybe finding a long lost Nordies gift card in your overstuffed wallet? It’s rare those type of things ever happen to me (I think I am too OCD), but it happened…

& I was so stoked. Yet considering I am not much of a department store shopper, I really had no clue what to get.

When scouring the whole entire site trying to figure out how to spend my surprise gift card, I somehow landed on doormats… really cute/ oversized typography welcome mats. I wanted one & strongly considered it, but spending my gift card on a doormat seemed like a waste, especially when I knew I could easily make it myself.

This was one of those stupid easy projects, that actually turned out to be cuter than the store bought ones (love when that happens).

Plus, the shoes I ended up getting were a way better purchase. Enjoy this adorbs DIY welcome mat!

xx, E


++ SUPPLIES NEEDED: Large letter stencils, & blank natural doormat (coir works well), some tape, paint colors of your liking, & a good big paint brush. ++


++ Picky with colors? Mix paints to get your perfect shade. ++


++ Easy breezy– tape down your stencils & paint away! You may need a few coats & brushing isn’t easy, but dabbing works just as well. ++


++ seriously though… ++

& if you’d rather B.I.Y. (buy it yourself)… shop below. I won’t judge.

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  • This is perfect!!! I’ll have to be doing this soon. Great Idea!

    xx Laur

    • Erica Stolman

      Glad you like it <3

  • This is so super cute!! I seriously need to do something like this because my welcome mat isn’t very welcoming.

    • Erica Stolman

      It’s such an easy project! Glad you liked it ;) xx

  • This is a great idea! I have a welcome mat for my store that I would love to personalize.