4 Uber Cool Last Minute Halloween Costumes (for the lazy girl)


last minute halloween costumes, fashionlush, fashionable halloween costumes

Shop the Look: skeleton sweater | skull mask | wool sailor hat hat

I am typically the exact opposite of a procrastinator… I really am one of the most prepared people around, & I don’t say that in a cocky “I am so organized & together” kinda way. It’s actually kind of an OCD problem (you should see my spreadsheet collection).

BUT, there is one thing I always always lag on— my Halloween costume. I love dressing up, who doesn’t,  but I never get the ball rolling soon enough… which always results in a last minute costume scramble. One year my costume was so random & all over the place no one knew what I was, neither did I, but by the end of the night we decided it was an accidental Axel Rose (which was actually way cooler than I had planned). It always works out, but it’s never planned.

Last year I was Lady Gaga in American Horror Story costume & Zack her man in the show, we ended up putting that one together 2 days before (which I found to be pretty impressive). IDK what it is, cause I dig Halloween big time, I just can’t get into the whole extravagant costume thing.

Basically, I am no Heidi Klum when it comes to my costume game.

SO- for those of you out there who are also costume procrastinators- today I am sharing a few really rad/easy last minute Halloween costumes.

last minute halloween costumes, fashionlush, fashionable halloween costumes

I love a classic costume, & black cats are anything but basic. It’s kinda creepy, but still hot. Throw on some sexy ears, paint on a nose, wear all black- easy & chic.

Shop the Look:  black suspender skirt | black bodysuit | fur choker | lace black cat ears | strappy stiletto sandals 

last minute halloween costumes, fashionlush, fashionable halloween costumes

This on is gonna be popular this year, & for good reason- so effing cool! When I first saw the LEMONADE, I immediately got Halloween inspo. Be sure to check out my extra long boxer braids tutorial to finish off the look!

Shop the Look: black sheer maxi skirt | off the shoulder bodysuit | black wide brimmed hat | rhinstone statement necklace | crimson lip stain

last minute halloween costumes, fashionlush, fashionable halloween costumes

I LOVE THIS COSTUME! Not only are hoodies so in right now, but let’s get real- I LOVE A GOOD NETFLIX & CHILL… not the sexy kind though, I truly just wanna watch some Netflix & chill….

Shop the Look: Netflix oversized hoodie | Adidas Stan Smith sneakers | black joggersblack beanie

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  • Dude you always amaze me w your creativity – LEGIT.

    The netflix and chill – can I always wear sweatshirts pls?