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For as long as I can remember, I have always been into all things in that metaphysical realm. I’ve collected all sorts of crystals since highschool, I swear by the power of a Himalayan Salt Lamp to keep the energy in the home balanced, my trusty quartz pendulum never fails me w/ it’s insanely on point question answering skills, & now… tarot. aka my new fave hobby.

Some of your guys’ eyes may be rolling back into last week with all this hippy talk- but some others of you requested I do a post on it via Snap… so, here we are. For those of you not amused, maybe stick around & just hear me out?? Not only is learning tarot a great way to work on building up your own intuition… but it’s just a mellow activity to get you away from the everyday electronic overload. Reading tarot is super zen, & just a cool way to wind down (& get questions answered!). It’s like meditation, w/o having to sit still for an extended amount of time.

Really what all sparked my interest in Tarot was The Wild Unknown deck. The aesthetics were so insane & stunning, that I just had this urge I had to have it and I had to master Tarot. Can’t say I mastered the Tarot, but I am certainly learning!

fashionlush, the wild unknown, how to read tarot

OKAY. Let’s get Started! Finding the perfect deck, & getting to know it.

+ first & foremost find a deck that speaks to you. mine is beautiful, & I love it, but it’s a bit more advanced than most. A simple beginner deck is really your best bet to really getting to know the cards meanings w/ a clear & to the point illustration. Etsy is a great place to look for tons of different, very original, Tarot decks (personally, loving this one!!). Also, I am kind of obsessed with the Small Spells deck. It’s SO pretty.

+ once you have the deck, get to know it. check out the different suits & study the artwork on the deck. your deck should also come with a book that describes each cards meaning. start studying your cards & referencing the book often.

+ pull one card everyday. sit with it, look at it, & try to guess it’s meaning from the image before referencing your guide book. this will help you begin to memorize your deck & help you become more in touch with your intuition.

+  note: the tarot is not witchcraft nor is it spooky. It’s not telling you your future, but more acting as a tool too open things up to discussion (either with yourself, or the person whose tarot you are reading!) to help problem solve.

fashionlush, the wild unknown, how to read tarot

Major Arcana vs. Minor Arcana

each tarot deck is split up into two groups of cards- the Major Arcana & the Minor Arcana. I will break it down by each group. 

1. The Major Arcana: there are 22 Major Arcana cards & these cards are said to speak to the deeper issues that need more spiritual guidance. The Major Arcana is home to the trump cards, which are the cards typically associated with tarot (i.e. when Urban Outfitters makes a Tarot blanket, they are probably using a trump card). Trump cards are The Sun, The Moon, The Lovers, & The Fool.

2. The Minor Arcana: there are 56 Minor Arcana cards & these cards are said to speak to the less pressing issues. The Minor Arcana is made up for four suits: cups, pentacles, swords, & wands. Each suit as 14 cards & suit has a different meaning when referring to day to day life.

Suit of Cups represent the emotional stuff such as feelings, relationships, connections etc. 

– Suit of Swords is the most powerful & typically represents action/change/force/conflict.

– Suit of Pentacles is the more physical card that represents thinks such as health & finances.

– Suit of Wands is your spiritual card that usually has to do with passion & creativity!

Now…. let’s practice w/ my top 2 fave spreads for beginners!!

fashionlush, three card spread, how to read tarot

OKAY- so the 3 card spread is the go-to set up for beginners. It’s straightforward, to the point, & helps you really get to know your deck.

Simply ask a question while shuffling the deck- focus on the question & continue to shuffle until you instinctually feel like you have transferred your energy to the cards. Next, draw three cards & place them face up from left to right.

If you are looking to help make a decision- the cards will read (left to right): 

1. The Context: aka the current situation.

2. The Focus: this is the problem or decision you’re dealing with.

3. The Outcome: the result of the decision you end up making.

If you are more curious about a timeline & past/future influences, you would read (left to right):

1. The Past: past experiences that may directly relate to the current problem.

2. The Present: current feelings.

3. The Future: the choice made based on the first two cards.

** There is a whole thing about reverse cards, which are cards you pull upside down & then it means the opposite of what the card says. Not everyone practices reverse card style- I am one of those people. Flip the card, move on. **

fashionlush, celtic cross, how to read tarot

The Celtic Cross Spread is definitely more tech- but also my personal favorite.

It does take a little practice to get down, but totally worth it because the detailed readings tell you so much more than the three card spread.

Once you get it down, it’s easy. Here is the order you will pull + what each card in the celtic spread means: 

1. The Heart of the Matter: the whole reason you’re probably reading your Tarot- there is an issue that needs your attention.

2. The Opposition: whatever is getting in the way of resolving whatever is going on in your first card.

3. The Distant Past: what influences from way back when are having an effect on this current situation.

4. The More Recent Past: short term thinking– what has happened in the past 6 months to contribute to the predicament at hand.

5. Possible Outcomes: If something were to change, here are potential ways things could end up.

6. Higher Power/Spirit Guide: what/who will be guiding you to a final outcome.

7. You: this is a honest look at who you are while on this journey to solving your problem.

8. Outside Influences: the negative influences keeping you from moving forward.

9. Hopes & Fears: the emotional influences keeping you from moving forward.

10. The End Result: you made it! now you get to face the final card- & this one is a big one. It’s a calling to help guide you into making your ultimate decision.

fashionlush, the wild unknown, how to read tarot

Okay- so that’s all she wrote & I think covers the beginner Tarot bases! If you guys have any questions LMK & if you have any tips/tricks/advice for learning how to read Tarot please do share. x, E

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  • How very interesting … There are so much to know, it’s a fascinating subject. :)
    Merci for sharing.

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  • Debi Meier

    I recently got my own tarot deck and I love the insights you can get!

    I actually wanted to buy the wild unknown but since it was sold out I got the linestrider tarot instead and I’m so happy with it!

    • oh yay!! love hearing about other people learning to read the cards :)

  • For real your posts are so on point I know I say this a lot.

    But I have those cards – I think I got them because of you? and I needed to find a way to use them appropriately.

    I love how you break it down, make it visual and it’s just so timely. You’re ahead of the curve – and keep shit interesting beyond fashion.

    i love.
    thank u!

    • you’re the best!! thanks so much for all the kind words always- xoxoxo

  • Krystena

    This is so helpful! I just got a deck and have been timid using them but its cool to have this to look at for inspiration! And I personally would love more hippy talk .. its great :)