Love Is: To Die For Gluten Free V-Day Sweets


fashionlush easy no bake dessert recipe

Are you ready for a serious mind blow? K… gimme a sec. First, we need a little background story-time.

Growing up my Dad worked for M&M Mars (ya know, the candy company). You’d think I was living the dream as a kid, & I was, for a hot minute. Eventually, it got old. Plus, I am pretty sure the neighborhood kids were just using me for a good sugar high.

One day I made an executive decision- I would like every single candy that ever existed, minus anything made by Mars. Which is when I became addicted to Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Man oh man, way to support my Dad (sorry!!!).

He tried real hard to tempt me w/ every single one of his different peanut butter + chocolate products, but nope… I was stubborn & not budging on the issue.

Until I stopped eating gluten & was told (by my Dad- naturally) that Reese’s were NOT G-Free. Tear. Tear. Tear.

fashionlush gluten free dessert

Now, for the mind blow.

My friend Katie, who is also gluten free, is always coming up with/finding new “replacement” recipes for everything we love & can’t eat. So, when she g-chatted me the other day mentioning dark chocolate, almond butter, & sea salt- I didn’t even finish reading her sentence. I swooped up Bitz & was out the door quicker than you can say…


We whipped up these little babes in no time at all & then got all chocolate wasted (or was it the champs?) while watching the Bachelor. Epic-ness all around.

Somehow we managed to save a few, & if I can refrain from eating the rest, I plan to deliver them to my mom for a sweet little V-Day surprise.

Enjoy my new obsession & a huge thanks to Katie for introducing me to this game changing recipe. Best Valentine’s Gift ever guuurl!

xx, E

fashionlush easy gluten free no bake dessert


+ Dark chocolate chips. Grab a whole bag, yet you will probably use 1-2 cups.

+ 1 cup organic Almond Butter.

+ 1 tbsp of good ole’ Chia seed powder.

+ 2 tbsp’s organic maple syrup.

+ Pink (cause it’s Valentine’s Day) himalayan sea salt.

fashionlush vegan peanut butter cups

How to Make (p.s. did I mention they’re no-bake!?!)::

++ 1. Melt about a cup of chocolate chips in the microwave or in a double broiler. Microwave is quicker… just make sure to do it increments so you don’t burn the chocolate. If a cup wasn’t enough, just melt more.

++ 2. Line a mini muffin tin, or a regular sized muffin tin if you’re into muffin-sized chocolates, w/ cupcake liners.

++ 3. Pour in your melted chocolate & get the chocolate up the sides. Ya know, like that episode of Girls when she is scared of “the stuff that get’s up on the sides”– minus the being scared part.

++ 4. Throw the muffin tin in the freezer for 10 minutes or so, as long as it takes for the chocolate to go from melted to solid. Voila, magic.

++ 5. Fill your chocolate cups w/ the innards, which is simply almond butter + Chia powder + maple syrup + a pinch or two of sea salt all mixed together.

++ 6. Top it off w/ more melty chocolate goodness & throw back in the freezer to, once again, solidify.

Easy, delish, die-worthy. You’re welcome ;).

fashionlush champagne and raspberries

++ Champs + raspberries break while waiting for the chocolate to freeze, cause why not? ++

fashionlush gluten free valentine's dessert

++ Get all festive & shit w/ a sprinkle of pink himalayan sea salt & a candy heart. ++

❤ ❤ ❤

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  • mary s

    I was very sad when I saw a comment about peanut butter cups containing gluten. So I checked it out further. Here is what I found: While reese’s peanut butter cups are not labeled as gluten free, they actually contain no gluten ingredients and are safe for most people that don’t eat gluten, unless super sensitive because there is a chance of cross contamination.

    • Erica Stolman

      Thanks for sharing that! So good to know.

  • Jena
  • I looked on Hershey’s website. It states that Reese’s PB Cups are gluten-free except “seasonal shaped items”. BUT, these homemade ones are MUCH healthier anyway, so I’m not advocating for eating the Reese’s ones! Thanks for the recipe!

    • Erica Stolman


  • Sarah

    My sweetheart just loves them.
    I feel gulty while eating them but there are just amazing!
    Thanks for sharing !

    • Erica Stolman

      glad you enjoyed them!!