Mary Jane Diaries: Your Questions, Answered


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& WE’RE BACK! Nashville was great & hope you were able to follow along that charming town on Instagram! I will do a full recap soon, but need a second to decompress after that trip (so many photos I have to sift through!).

In the meantime, I am excited to announce the very first installment of the MARY JANE DIARIES.

I don’t think I’ve been this excited about something on the blog in a long time. I told you guys, taking breaks is good for the creative juices!

When I first came out of my marijuana smoking closet, I got an overwhelmingly amazing response from you guys along with a TON of really amazing questions so I figured the best way to kick off this new series it to answer all of your questions that came through! Ready? K!

1. How do you use cannabis? flower, all the way. I am old school I guess cause now all the kids “dab”. I don’t even know what that means really.

2. Do you like edibles? not particularly- they are too much for me.

3. Do you need a medical card to buy marijuana & if so- how do you get one? depends on where you live. Majority of states it is still illegal, some states it is legal with a medical card, & others… completely legal (shout out to Colorado!). Here is a great map to see what the laws are in your state.

If you live in a state that requires a medical card, you can google “medical marijuana card + your neighborhood” & you can pretty much go to any place that comes up. You will meet with an onsite doctor, tell them your reason, & get your “recommendation”. If you’d prefer, you can also do it online. Costs around $40.

4. How does weed help your anxiety? YES- that’s really why I smoke. I do enjoy the feels, but the main benefit is that it calms my nerves big time.

5. What’s the best kind of weed for anxiety? I’ve smoked in the past, & it makes my anxiety worse. How do you avoid that when you smoke? Okay- this is the MOST asked question for sure… let me break it down for you. 

There are two types of weed: indica & sativa. Indica is most typically the nighttime weed cause it is the zen/mellow/sleepy weed & sativa is the upper of the marijuana world. 

Sativa gives me HORRIFIC anxiety. I don’t smoke straight sativa ever. Indica is the weed that calms my anxiety & although some people say it makes them sleepy/lazy, that’s a generalization. You have to find the right strain that doesn’t make you sleepy or lazy… you can always ask the dispensary for a recommendation & explain to them what you want. 

I also can smoke & do enjoy a indica heavy hybrid (so there will be some sativa in that strain).

6. How do you stay productive? Don’t you get lazy from smoking weed? like I said above, it’s all about finding the perfect strain! I am 100x more productive when I smoke.

7. Do you get the munchies? I want to smoke weed, but I don’t want to gain weight from excessive eating? sometimes, yes… but again- each strain is different! Once you find the perfect strain, you will be good to go. If I do get the munchies- luckily it’s always for fruit which isn’t too bad. As long as you don’t stock your pantry with Twinkies & junk food, you will be fine.

8. What’s your favorite strain of flower? right now, Grandma’s Cookies from Left Coast Collective.

8. What’s the difference between CBD & marijuana? CBD is the non psychoactive part of the marijuana plant. It doens’t get you high, but helps with anxiety & also, if applied topically, helps soothe aches & pains. 

9. How do you take CBD? I typically use my Leef Organics drops under the tongue, but also just tried the CBD chocolate bar from LCC & LOVED it.

OH- we also give CBD to the dogs if they seem stressed or if we are leaving for a long time (they have a touch seperation anxiety!)

12. Where in San Diego do you get your weed? Left Coast Collective is the jam. They are the world’s fastest delivery & have the most bomb selection of goodies- plus they are SUPER helpful and nice!! No intimidation factor at all.

OKAY- so I think that covers it all. If you have anymore questions- let me know & feel free to tell me any suggestions for the next Mary Janes diary feature!

x, E

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  • lololol at dabbing. I still don’t even really “get it” either & the hardware needed is so intense!!

  • I love how real you are. Great post. <3

  • kelsey

    Yes! Cant wait for the mary jane diaries ;)

    I really like smoking from my “PAX 2″… its a vape for flower… so you can vape without dabbing.. saves weed, smells less, and is portable and cute af!!

    • I love that!! I am looking into it now!

    • amykristen

      Thank you for this suggestion!!! NEED. xo

  • amykristen

    Going to try the Leef Organics drops per your recommendation! Thank you! I have bad chronic pain and anxiety so all of this was super helpful info xx

  • Lisa

    I’m so happy I found this post! I’ve been really curious about CBD oil for anxiety and this is such helpful information. Thanks so much, Erica!