Mary Jane Diaries: How to Get a Medical Marijuana Recommendation



OKAY- so ever since I started the Mary Jane diaries I have gotten so many emails/direct messages on HOW how to get your medical marijuana card, what to expect, how to find the doctor, the whole shebang.

So, let’s chat!

If you landed on this post, you know… you gotta have a medical marijuana card before LEGALLY using cannabis. Honestly- I heard about the amazingness of having a medical marijuana card, but it took me a hot minute to actually get mine.

You all know, anxiety is in my DNA, so for me… I stay medicated w/ marijuana.

Actually, it’s the best & SAFEST medicine I take (just check out this article from The Weed Blog on 3 DEADLY pharmaceuticals that can be fully replaced by cannabis… this is a whole other post, but you get the idea!).

SO- why did it take me so long to get finally get that card? Honestly- I was intimidated by the process, a process I knew nothing about. When I decided to pull the trigger & make an appoint with a doctor in my area, I pretty much went in blind. I had no idea what to expect, which made me nervous… to would’ve been super nice to have had exact blog post prior to my visit!!

It all worked out just fine for me, swimmingly actually, & now that I have the experience under my belt… I wanted to help ease your guys nerves & share with you everything you could possibly want to know about getting a medical marijuana recommendation!

** GOOD TO KNOW: dispensaries refer to your medical marijuana card as your “recommendation”, although it is also known as a weed card, medical cannabis cards, prescription, license, medical card, marijuana card, or MMID.  **

Fun fact, over, 1.4 million people in California alone have their medical marijuana certification, so if that many people can do it… so can you!

Let’s do this…


Getting Your Cannabis Recommendation: What to Expect

+ First you will need to find a recommending doctor & schedule an appointment! Search reviews on medical marijuana doctors to find the right doctor for you.

I found my doctor by googling ‘San Diego Medical Marijuana Card’… easy peasy!

+  When you call, be sure to ask them what you will need to bring with you. Typically they require a government ID along with proof of your disability (i.e. medical records, prescriptions, xrays, etc.).

+ Appointments typically last around 30 minutes, depending on wait times, & are incredibly straight forward. You will sit down with the a medical doctor & discuss your ailments/how medical marijuana could help improve your life. If you suffer from something like high blood pressure, doctor could perform a blood pressure test on the spot, but mainly it’s verbal.

+ Keep in mind, this is medical & you are the patient. Don’t tell the doctor you need weed cause work is tough. If you suffer from anxiety, tremors, chronic pain, etc.- this is what the doctor needs to hear about… not your work life struggles.

+ Once the doctor decides you are fit for a medical marijuana card, they will give you a treatment plan complete with recommendations on strains/marijuana products/best ways to use medical marijuana along with your signed certification.

+ This certification needs to go with you anytime you go to a new dispensary/use a new delivery service (they will ask you to text/email a photo). My personal fave delivery service, Eaze, is SO legit & you just need to upload an image of your recommendation to the site.

medical marijuana recommendations are quick, easy, & affordable.

Well first… lemme say, read those reviews. Some of these places can be kinda… sketchy… so find a PROFESSIONAL establishment in a good neighborhood.

As long as you’re going to place to get a LEGAL doctor recommendation, you’ve got nothing to worry about. I was def. nervous going into it, but once I started talking to the doctor I was at ease. It’s professional & pretty much just like any other doctors appointment.

The doctors are always super friendly & helpful, & happy to answer ANY questions (no matter how silly you think it may be- ask ’em!!).

Best of all, it’s affordable. One year costs around $39. Any more than a few dollars more than that & you could be getting ripped off, just an FYI.

how to get medical marijuana card California

Luckily for us Californian’s, we can get our medical marijuana doctor recommendation online.

Love a good online service that doesn’t require me moving from the couch or sitting in a boring doctor’s office. It’s 100% safe, quick (shout out to no waiting room!), & legal… obviously.

Too bad I didn’t learn about NuggMD until after I did the whole in person thing, but Zack did it online & it was just stupid simple. He got on the site, filled out a medical form, uploaded his documents, & then had a super quick (5 minutes maybe) video chat with the doctor.

The doctor was SUPER helpful & once approved, sent Zack his recommendation via email. He just printed it out & was good to go.

It’s also $39 for the year & is valid at all California dispensaries.

Prefer the old school way? No worries! Check out this map for a TON of Medical Marijuana California Doctors.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Comment below & I will get back to you asap!! For more info on Marijuana, check out this Mary Jane 101 post. x, Erica


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