Mercury is in Retrograde… but what does that even mean?


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BREAKING NEWS: Mercury is in Retrograde. 

Kidding, not breaking news, everyone is kinda going ape shit over the interwebs that Mercury is in Retrograde rn, & mainly because it’s gonna be in retrograde for a total of 3 weeks… which is a REALLY long time for retrograde to be going down.

Honestly though, do you guys even know what it means for Mercury to be in Retrograde… because I sure as hell didn’t until very recently. I knew that when people start buzzing about it, to brace yourself because weird shit goes down, but other than that… my retrograde knowledge was lacking.

SO– let’s break down what this whole Mercury in Retrograde thing really means, bullet points style (cause I love a good bullet point). 

+ Mercury is one of the first planets (astrology 101) & retrograde is an astrological event that happens about 4x a year.

+ Basically, when Mercury goes into retrograde, it appears to stop spinning & then go into reverse… but it actually doesn’t, it’s just an illusion based on the Earth’s rotation/speed.

+ Then… it kinda starts to wreck havoc on your life… FOR REALS. Mercury being in retrograde and causing upheaval isn’t some sort of fluffy astrological thing, it’s the real deal!!

+ Mercury is all about communication so when the planet is spinning in reverse, communication is gonna go out the window. Don’t try to have any important discussions during this time. It most likely won’t go over well.

+ In general, chaos just ensues all around you. If you are planning to travel, it is recommended to have back up plans in place (Yoko Ono refuses to travel when Mercury is in retrograde… FYI), don’t sign any contracts, don’t ask someone to marry you, don’t make any huge life changing decisions… you get the gist.

I think that pretty much explains it all… in the most simple way possible!! My advice to all of you- just chill, keep things mellow, & use this LONG ass Mercury in retrograde period to reflect on the past & plan for the future (when Mercury starts spinning normal again on May 3rd!).

Okay- if you guys have any more Mercury in retrograde tips, please share below & also shop this cherry print look below. SUPER obsessed w/ this cute print rn! x, E

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