Minimalist Mentality: Cleanse Your Life, Cleanse Your Mind


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I am sure you guys know by now, cause I am super annoying about it on social media, but we’re moving.

I have a strong distaste for moving. I know, I know… everyone hates moving. But like… I really really hate moving. Having my house in boxes around me & not having everything perfectly organized makes my anxiety just go off the chain.

The one thing, my saving grace of moving, is the purging. I swear, it’s the only thing getting me through right now.

I am the opposite of a hoarder. I LOVE getting rid of shit. Honestly, nothing makes me more zen than cleaning out my desk drawers.

I KNOW- fucking weird.

It’s kind of a compulsion at this point, but it just feels so damn good. A literal weight is lifted off my shoulders every time I move because I do MASSIVE clean outs of everything that’s been collecting dust over the past however many years.

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I am well aware not every one is good at getting rid of stuff. It really is a skill, & you just gotta warm up to it.

Most people attach a lot of meaning to objects, which makes it nearly impossible to get rid of things, & those things will just continue to bog you down emotionally. I truley believe, physical junk = emotional junk. GET RID OF IT, you will feel so clear headed, I promise.

“The space in which we live should be for the person we are becoming now, not for the person we were in the past.” – Marie Kondo

Living a minimal life helps one be more mindful, grateful, & greatly reduce stress. Getting rid of stuff helps make room for the important things in life, not all of which are material items. Think of each piece you have an anchor, the more you’ve got, the more you’ll be held back.

OKAY, now for the good stuff.

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Tips for Living a Minimal Life

1. search home decor on Pinterest: this is just a fun thing I do which usually inspires me to declutter. If you have a hard time getting motivated, browsing Pinterest for 30 minutes will be sure to make you want to clean out your space & get your shit in order.

2. tackle by category: you don’t have to get it all done in one day, but I do reccomend dividing the house up into categories & tackle one at a time.

3. the one year rule: when it comes to my closet, I try and live by the one year rule… which is just as it sounds, if I haven’t worn it for a year… it’s gotta go. A year is a long ass time, so if you’re not reaching for it now… you won’t be any time soon.

4. one in, one out: anything I buy for the house or my wardrobe, I try to give something away. New set of mugs, get rid of a few mugs. New black ankle boots, get rid of a pair.

5. does this bring joy?: this is the big/huge trick from the Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, & although it’s not a huge shocker, it seriously does work. If you are iffy on an item, hold it up, think about it, does it make you remember a good memory? Or does it make you feel guilty cause you don’t want it but it does have meaning? If you feel guilt, get rid of it. End of story.

6. if I were shopping now, would i buy this?: when I am on the edge about an item in my closet, this is the question I ask myself. If you aren’t gonna buy it today, it’s no longer your style. Get rid of it!

OKAY- there you have it. Just a few easy tips to get you on your way to decluttering. Don’t wait till you move though. If you are feeling a creative block or just a little down in the dumps, pick an area to tidy up- it will make all the different and will get those creative juices flowing.

x, E

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  • Tara Creel

    I really feel like we’d be BFFs in “real life.” Hahaha. Every time I read your post I think, “Girl just gets it!” We’ve spoken in the past about my love for all things neutral, but this post just brought us to a whole new level of understanding because my blog/YouTube channel is heavily focused on minimalism and why I’m so obsessed. Your simplicity mindset is so refreshing to read as I often feel alone in my lifestyle :-P

    • Awww that is SO sweet!! Really- made my day!! Send me your YouTube channel- I want to check it out!! xoxo

      • Tara Creel

        So sorry for the delay. I’ve been working on a complete blog/YouTube rebrand so things have been hectic in trying to get all of that done according to our timeline. My YouTube channel is It’s been YEARS in the making, but I finally feel like I’m niching down my content and seeing a bit more progress. Thanks for the support!

        • It is amazing!! I love the design and how all the videos are branded so well! Props to you- YouTube is a lot of work! I need to up my YouTube game for sure.

          • Tara Creel

            Thank you! It’s a work in progress haha. I would love to see you on YouTube more!