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Not only am I embarrassed to tell people I am a blogger, but I am also very embarrassed to tell you guys this… but it’s been weighing on me- so I figured, let’s talk about it.

I am painfully uncomfortable when someone asks me “what do you do for work?”.

If anyone came to me with this problem, my advice would be to own it & be proud of their hard work… & then I’d be a total hypocrite. I have felt this way since I started blogging, but this past weeks viral blogger controversy has got me fixated on this issue.

I am not gonna link any of this nonsense. Only because I am trying to give the subject less energy, but I will sum it up for you guys. A blogger/influencer reached out to a hotel to discuss a trade partnership. Her email was professional, it laid out what she was offering in return (which was a lot), she had great engagement & a solid following. Reaching out to hotels to stay for trade is 100% normal in the world of blogging, & *most* hotels have a marketing budget put aside specifically for these kind of collaborations because they yield such great rewards for hotels.

These trade stays involve a lot of work on the blogger’s end, along with a great deal of exposure for the hotel. It’s business & both sides benefit from these types of collabs.

SO– said blogger is later leaving the gym (or somewhere) & sees her Twitter is blowing up. The hotel owner posted her letter (name crossed out) & fake replied the most horrific email for all of his followers to see. This continued for days, went viral, & I of course chimed in w/ my two cents. He continuously said remarks like “maybe if you got a real job you could pay for your accommodations”. His follower’s chimed in, & it pretty much turned into one huge blogger bashing party.

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DON’T GET ME WRONG, I am sure there are blogger’s out there in it for wrong reasons/feel entitled to free things, but majority of blogger’s I know/love/follow/respect take their craft damn seriously & it’s people like this who give blogger’s a stigma. The same stigma that makes me EMBARRASSED to tell people what I do.

Again, I can’t speak for everyone, but the general vibe I feel I get when I say “I’m a blogger” is “oh, that’s so fun”. It’s the response you would get if you just told someone you crochet in your free time (HOW CUTE!). You can tell, they can’t wait to check your Instagram to see if you are even worthy of being taken seriously.

I am well aware that I am not an accountant/lawyer/secretary/whatever other respected career option. However I still think I have the right to be proud of my work? Blogging has been a windy ass road. I have worked really hard for 10 YEARS to grow Fashionlush. Many of those years doing it while also juggling a full time job. I have probably wanted to quit 500 times. The income ebbs & flows. I work unhealthily late nights (2:40am as we speak) + every weekend, & having to be “on” all the time can be pretty draining.

It has all been worth it because I stuck with it & am truly doing what I feel like is my life’s work & finding that alone, regardless of what is, is a win. I am forever grateful for the opportunities that blogging has brought me, but frankly- I am just kinda sick of people thinking blogger’s just expect things to fall in their lap. For anyone in this industry, it takes persistence & lots of dedication.

My point is with this whole rant of a post, is that it doesn’t matter WHAT anyone does for a living, as long as they are hustling to work towards a goal is killing it in my book. Moving forward, my personal plan is to stay humble, continue to work hard, do more, respect everyone, & stop the damn stuttering when someone asks what I do for work.

& I suggest everyone do the same!!! Rant over- just keeping killing it & if you made it to the end of this post, LOVE YOU! x, E

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The Edit | Spring Suiting Vibes

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what i’m wearing:

red suit set (sold out- similar) | white lettuce edge crop top | Le Specs sunglasses | Love Tatum initial charm necklace | Saint Laurent monogram medium shoulder bag | Superga platform sneakers

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  • Oh my gosh loved reading this post! As a content creator/blogger myself this is something that I actually think about a lot. Considering I’m not this huge, well know blogger I’ve had people literally look at me weird or do whatever when I tell them I’m a blogger.

    Being a blogger takes so much hard work, dedication, time and skill. So all bloggers out there especially those who do it full time should be applauded.

    • I am so glad you can relate!!! Applauding you <3

  • As a blogger you are an Entrepreneur, and everyone knows that starting a business is not your regular 9-5. You are an all-in-1 stop shop, a stylist, an SEO expert and an editor usually typing away until the wee hours of the night, because that is when you felt inspired, or the only free time you have left. I have friends that have turned blogging into their full time and as I have tried to dive into it I know is not as easy as everyone thinks. Thanks for taking ownership and pride in what you do, as anyone else in a different work field should.

    • thank you for this amazing comment babe!! xoxox

  • Kelsey Frey

    Yes!!! I feel you! I would feel in awe of someone who said they blogged for their job, but a lot of people (like you said) realllllly don’t take it seriously and don’t realize how much work goes into it. Siiiiighhhhh.

  • Love this!!! You deserve to be so proud of everything you’ve done :) x

  • I totally get where you’re coming from and you should not be ashamed to tell people you are a blogger. Blogging is as much of a career as anything else, and it takes a lot of time, effort and sweat and tears for us to create the quality of content that we do. Just because the industry does not have an obvious barrier to entry, doesn’t mean that it isn’t difficult to do what we do as a profession! I think that the way that whole situation with the hotel was handled wa so unprofessional. All he had to do was respond to her, instead of making it so public. It was a poorly executed PR stunt I think.


    • Thank you so much for your encouragement love!! It is definitely hard work, as you would know!!! I totally agree with you on the PR stunt- the guy loved the attention!

  • babe this post is amazing! I feel you so much…


  • Zinny

    This post spoke to me. I’ve had people ask what my real job is asides blogging. Even though I have a full-time job, I sort of feel insulted when I hear that. Like are you saying blogging isn’t a job/ career? I consider it my part-time job for the time being and it’s something I love to do and get some freelancing job from as well. We should respect each other irrespective.Thanks for sharing!

  • A-freakin’-MEN. Yes, thank you for sharing this!

    It truly does feel like your life’s work, and it’s a LOT of work but also something I love.

    The note about crochet–so funny, so true, so … frustrating at times. Nice to read I’m not alone :)