Bloggers Need Mental Health Days Too



So- last week, you may have noticed (but probably not cause you’re busy too) that I was a bit absent from the blog.

No big reason, other than I just needed a damn break. I couldn’t get it together to put together a blog post, there was no time. I was over tired from staying up till 3am trying to make content happen, I was overworked, there were other projects that I had to push to the side & I just needed a mental health week.

I am the first to admit it, handling stress isn’t my strong suit. I get overwhelmed, moody, angry, & a bit on the OCD side.

I guess the whole social media anxiety disorder just got the best of me. The feed was flooded with beautiful content from Paris fashion week & I was sitting at home just trying to keep my head above water. I couldn’t compete with that, & frankly I didn’t have the energy to even try.

I was drained & kinda just said fuck it… which really, isn’t my style. Did it make me stressed last week I wasn’t keeping up with blogging schedule? ABSOLUTELY. Did I have an extreme case of bloggers guilt (piled on top of my already Jewish guilt). HELL YES.

BUT- it needed to be done. I needed to hit restart, refresh, & just let myself have a week. You guys didn’t disappear, the world is still spinning, & now I am feeling so much more refreshed. Overwhelmed- yea…but that may be who I am.

Now, that being said. I am not complaining cause I truley truley LOVE my job, but I do think it’s important you guys know… it’s not all roses all the time. I am not a doctor, which is something I tell myself daily. “LISTEN- if doctor’s can do their job, I can do mine” (that is some real stress, praise to all  the doctor’s out there!!).


I don’t really know what brought this post up, just one of my good old fashioned rants, but I think it probably had to do with the message I got on Instagram the other day.

“I have always wondered about entering the world of blogging & then I found you. I looked at your page & thought to myself ‘WELL SHIT, if this girl can do it, so can I.'”

I didn’t respond cause I was hurt. My feelings were hurt, my ego was hurt, & it just made me feel icky.

What blogger’s do isn’t rocket science, but it’s not a cake walk either. It can be rewarding as fuck, but it can also be draining. It is great to connect with people all over the world, but they aren’t always kind. It is a daily learning experience, but sometimes hours behind a computer screen can be hard on the eyes/posture/mental well being. It is fun creating cool content, but cameras can literally suck the energy right out of you.

But then, there is magic that happens. You meet people who have been influenced by what you are doing. Appreciative, kind, & motivated… & then it is ALL so worth it.

Okay okay, that’s all. Love you all. Stay safe in this scary world & keep your head up, we’re all in it together. x, E


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  • Carol Eckstein

    Don’t let comments by petty, jealous, and insecure people knock you down. (I know, easier said then done!).

    I’d just to counter her comment and tell you what I see when I read your posts and blog.
    First off, it’s very obvious that you’re an intelligent person. You can tell that by reading even just a few of your very open and honest blog posts.
    It’s also obvious that you work hard at your job.

    Secondly, you are beautiful and funny and you’ve got great style.
    You’re clearly a very loving and sensitive person, which shows in how you are with your boyfriend, your (hilarious and fun) mom, your nephew (and don’t forget your pups!).

    And, last but not least – you‘re courageous. You have the courage to open your heart up and share your feelings and thoughts about very personal, and sometimes controversial issues- which isn’t always easy to do. You have the guts to be open and vulnerable.

    Unfortunately, people like the person who sent you that dark message take that as an invitation to strike. She could only think to put you down so as to make herself feel better. She had no other reason to say what she said to you. And, my guess is she does this to others when she feels jealous and inadequate. One can only feel sorry for her. People like that live small, petty lives.

    Keep on doing what you love. You do it so well! Own it all, and never let those haters make you think otherwise. ( and, in my book, it’s always a good and healthy thing to take a break once in a while to reboot!)

    • Thank you so much babe. That is literally the nicest comment i have ever gotten!! You just made my week <3

      • Carol Eckstein

        So glad to hear that! I meant every word. :)

  • Kelsey Frey

    I’ve been following you for a while now (since like 2013/2014 I think?) and I’ve always really appreciated your content. It’s always been really well thought out, your outfits and photos and general vibe are/is fire, and your posts are still some of my favorite to read. As Kevin G says, “Don’t let the haters stop you from doing your thang!”!! Because there are a lot of people out there who appreciate it.

    • Thank you lady!! So lucky to have you as a reader for so long- means the world to me!

  • Debi Meier

    as always, love your honesty. I’ve actually had a mental health setback myself where I just had to take a break. My physical health always takes a toll when I am drained, so that’s usually my cue to dial back. Thank you for being so authentic.

    • Thank you Debi!!! Mental health care is of upmost importance!

  • Thank you for sharing your take on it, I like that outlook & THANK you for such sweet words of encouragement. I am so happy, even with sharing more about my experiences with cannabis, that you didn’t shy away. That was always my biggest fear, I know it’s not for everyone, but I didn’t want to turn any one off!! Thank you thank you <3 & yes- a holiday break sounds lovely & SO refreshing!!