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The other day I got a DM from one of my lovely followers on the gram.

She asked, “HEY- I am a new blogger & I am super introverted. I notice that you don’t go to a lot of blogger events or are part of any blogger “squads” really. Is there a reason behind this? Are you introverted or just not interested? Do you think it’s possible to make it as a blogger if I am super introverted?”

My kinda question people. This is a topic I can go on & on & on about… which I did to this lovely lady personally, but I think it’s something we should just talk about.

First of all- YES, I am extremely introverted & suffer from some serious social anxiety.

One of my closest friend is a blogger, I have met a handful of really sweet bloggers (& a handful of not so sweet bloggers- JUST SAYIN’), I respect other bloggers & always want to support them, but no… I am not a part of any type of blogger squad.

Again, women supporting women is great… but I have a core group of friends who aren’t all bloggers that I am very comfortable with. I am not closed off to meeting new people that I connect with, but it is also nice to have people around you who aren’t fellow bloggers. My life is blogging almost 24/7, so when I do get free time to be with friends, it’s nice to kinda escape that world for a bit.

In the same regards, I don’t attend a TON of blogger events. They always look so insta-worthy, but for me, I just need to prioritize my time differently as well as be aware of my limits. Between Fashionlush & blog-doo, I am working all the time. Majority of these events are in LA, which is a 2 hour drive for me, & it’s not ALWAYS the best use of my time. I also know, based on past experiences, these situations make me uncomfortable. As an introvert working in an industry full of extroverts, being thrown into a room with 40 bloggers can be overwhelming. To say the least.

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Can Introverts be Successful Bloggers

Surprise surprise, some of your favorite bloggers who are killing it in the blog world are actually HUGE introverts. It’s like a thing in the blog world- just google “introverted blogger” & see for yourself. Sure, networking may not be your strong suit, but that’s a tiny piece of the blogging pie. The qualities that introverts possess make for a succesful blogging career.

Introverts are focused & extremely self-sufficient, two of the most important components of being a blogger. The world of blogging can be noisy & distracting

Blogging is really an ideal outlet for bloggers. It actually helps introverts come out of their shells & oepn up to the world. Being a trusted resource & authority to your readers will breed confidence in an introvert, & confidence is KEY for introverts to grow.

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Tips for Introverted Bloggers

+ be yourself & speak your mind: the best way to grow from blogging as an introvert is to embrace who you are. I don’t know about you guys, but as an introvert, my online persona is much more the ME I want to be in social situations. I may have a harder time opening up & showing that side of me in a group of people, but from the blog, I can really just share with all of my readers the real me w/o being plagued by tainted first impressions.

+ but also, embrace your introverted ways: being an introvert is nothing to be ashamed of, & there are so so so many other introverts around. I did my last Instagram Live just last week, cause for the longest time I just felt like that was out of my comfort zone, but I changed my mind & wanted to give it a try. I was open with everyone that I was a little nervous cause I’m pretty shy, & everyone had such a sweet response. It showed me that I have such a great group of readers who really support me & that being an introvert is incredibly relatable. As a blogger, I pride myself on being an open book, because if nothing else- I hope that talking about my personal struggles helps someone else deal with theirs.

+ you don’t have to do everything: like I said above- the blog world is NOISY & there is a whole lot of keeping up with Joneses syndrome. It also is a fast paced industry- you often see bloggers making 5 outfit changes in a day & heading to event after event. That, for me, is incredibly overwhelming. I know my limits, I know what’s too much for me, & I am okay with that.

+ focus on what you love about blogging: for me, I LOVE graphic design & making my posts aesthetically pleasing for the reader. I spend a lot of time doing that & devoting my time to that. I am still putting energy into my business, without getting out of my comfort zone.

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how to network & self-promote as an introvert: 

+ make connections one at a time: introverts are better one on one, which is great, because in the world of networking quality > quantity. Networking is really about developing valuable relationships, not just making small talk. Just knowing that can help an introvert focus on the end game.

+ plan a strong intro: come into a situation with confidence. Practice a strong (but not to strong) handshake, always repeat the persons name back to them post into (“so nice to meet you Jane!”), make eye contact. Fake it till you make it.

+ ask questions: people love to talk about themselves, it’s human nature. To avoid awkward silences, keep the questions coming. You can even think of a handful of good ones prior to any networking situation (i.e. tell me about your blog, how did you get into blogging, etc. etc.). Not to mention, introverts make for great listeners.

+ set goals: you don’t have to stay for the whole time at an event or talk to everyone in the room, but set a goal. Maybe you want to stay for an hour, or stay until you’ve collected a certain amount of business cards.

+ smile: UGH, I have been told way too many times that in social situations I can come off as unfriendly. I swear to you guys, it’s not resting bitch face & I am a really nice person… it’s more like my anxious mess face. TRUST ME- it’s better to be smiling in a corner than not realizing you are looking like the most unapproachable person in the room.

+ bring someone with you: if you can bring a plus one to whatever networking situation you’re in, do that. Find an extrovert friend who will help encourage you & pick up the slack if you start to tense up. My mom is kinda my wingman, & it def. doesn’t hurt she is becoming an internet sensation. Also- no one better to help you self-promote than your own mother.

+ take a time out: if you get overwhelmed, just walk away. Last even I went to, I escaped for 10 minutes to get a champagne alone at the bar. I reset, went back to the event, & continued

Okay, that should cover it! Are you an introvert? Comment below & share any tips you have.

p.s. come join me instagram live this thursday at 6pm! i will be doing a little Q&A so come with questions or you can email me them to me directly (if you wanna be anonymous!).

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  • oh girl, yes to all of this! I am extremely introverted, partly because it’s just my personality (& I’m a cancer- ha) and part of it is my anxiety. There have been so many events I wanted to attend but was just so anxious about it!
    But as cheesy as it sounds, blogging has really helped me come out of my shell & remind me who I want to be. It really is a great outlet/ business!

    ps, love the laundry mat shoot :)

    xo, kaeleen

    • that is so good to hear & I am 100% with you. Blogging is the best creative outlet for introverts & people who suffer from anxiety :)

  • This spoke to me so much and thank you for being honest. It’s hard to figure out who people really are and hard to tell if other people are going through the same thing. One huge tip that I find super helpful is being self-aware, basically knowing who you are, what you like, what you don’t like and things that make you really uncomfortable. You touched on this but collecting “good vibin'” people, this is key. Surround yourself with people who you know have your back regardless or how awkward or quiet you are.

    • Love that!! Thank you for sharing babe <3

  • Love that!!! Thank you for sharing!

  • Wow this post was so refreshing to read. I came across your blog from The Skinny Confidential and saw this post and got so excited I had to click on it and read because I’m super introverted and have always wanted to start a blog and a YouTube channel but have lately realized I need to focus on my blog first and build a readership and then start creating videos once I build up the confidence to sit in front of a camera and talk to my audience.

    I was never diagnosed with anxiety but I do know when it hits me randomly and it’s not fun. It’s mainly when I’m on my way to an event or a place where I know there will be alot of people. It freaks me out.

    Anyway, love your blog + hopefully my blogging journey helps me open up a little better!

    • Thank you lady!! Congrats on starting a blog- it will really help you open up & is such a good creative outlet!! xx