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» everything in moderation, minus champagne… <3 «

Ahhh… you guys! It’s almost the New Year & I’ve been working 24/7 on a reallllly exciting surprise for you guys! Fashionlush is turning over a new leaf come 2015 & it’s gonna be good.

Real effing good.

I can’t tell you what exactly it is (total buzzkill) but I can tell you that your patience will be 100% worth it. You guys have been so loyal & every comment you leave/message you shoot me always puts a huge smile on my face. This project I’ve been working like a dog on is 100% for you guys, to show you all how much I appreciate each and every one of you.

So, my question to you is VERY important & I’d love if you’d comment below to let me know: What are your FAVORITE things to read about on Fashionlush. Is it my DIY’s, beauty tips, healthy gluten free recipes, my #OOTD’s, shopping collages, or something else entirely?

LMK, cause 2015 is all about you, my lovely lushes <3.

Cheers babes! xx, E


» Umm… have you guys heard of Chatbooks? Seriously coolest thing ever. Download the app, connect to your Insta, & for $6 they will send you a beautifully printed book of all your Insta’s (w/ captions!). Ear jackets– similar style here. «


» Finally found me a Fall leaf, which in SD is pretty rare! «


» NY Resolution No.1: Drink more water!! Since I don’t like the taste… I am tricking myself with some fancy spa water: a splash (or three) of sparkling H20 + lemon slices + fresh mint from the garden. «


» The first #FashionlushBookClub read of 2015: Summerlandish, which BTW was sent to me as a holiday gift from the author along with a thong, Vaseline, KY jelly, Metamucil (???), & a travel sized Vodka bottle. Intrigued? Yea, so was I… buy it here & let’s read/LOL together! «

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    • Erica Stolman

      Thank you for your input <3 xx

  • I would love to see more DIY holistic things or any other holistic living tips. I am a fellow clay drinker, oil puller, acv shot taker, the list goes on and on and gets bigger, so naturally when I found your site I fell in LOVE. I’d also, selfishly, would love more business posts! More behind the scenes on blogging, blogging realness 101, etc. I LOVE those types of posts and find them extremely helpful. I know it is something I will get with your service but all advice is good advice.

    One other thing, but I don’t know if this is up your alley, I’ve noticed in your posts you mention you live in a studio. Interior design for specifically for studios (how has no one monopolized this btw – would be killer here in SF/NY) would be amazing. I have no idea what to do with my studio to make it space efficient + cute. Mine is terrible, so some fun studio hacks, DIYs, tips, design, feng shui, the list goes on… I think would be great! Love your blog, looking forward to the updates and very excited for 2015 and getting everything done finally on my end! It will be a great year!

    • Erica Stolman

      Thank you so much for the input, I really appreciate it! I will definitely incorporate more blogging & DIY holistic tips and trick :). I would loveeee to talk more studio decor, so yes yes yes I will bring some of that into the mix too! Thanks again, cheer sto 2015. xx, E

  • Stephanie

    I love pretty much all your posts! Some of my favorites have to do with holistic things you try, like oil pulling (you were one of the firsts on that boat). I also love the beauty concoctions you make, like the lip scrub and the mixture of oils for moisturizing the face. I also love when you try beauty related things that I have never heard of, like the needle rolling thing for the face (I still want to buy one of those things). And I was seriously looking into salons about dying my eyelashes when you had that post about where you can buy eyelash dye and do it yourself. And also I love your DIY’s for around the home. So I guess what I’m saying is I like it all, haha hope this helps!

    • Erica Stolman

      Aww you’re so sweet :) thanks a ton! I will definitely keep all the beauty stuff rolling in. xx

  • I LOVE your rich girl/poor girl segments. If the entire blog was RG/PG I would be content with life. :)

    • Erica Stolman

      Awww :) I will do more!! xo.