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» my fave juice spot in SD: Choice Juicery! The beet chia juice & the cold pressed coffee are to dieee for! «

So far, the yes man project has been going swimmingly. The only bump in the road I have faced is telling people about my new yes man ways. Once people know, they will expect you to say yes to anything & everything.

Hey, wanna take out my trash? Wash my dog? Go with me to Ikea to buy sheets? No. No. No!

This whole experiment is to help better me, to open up my life to new opportunities, & to hopefully get past some of my major anxieties. While at the beach this weekend, another thing I typically don’t say yes to (not much of a sand/seaweed kinda girl), I was perusing the latest People mag when I came across a really interesting article. It was about fellow blogger, Zoe Sugg (have you seen her site? She is SO cute!!), who helped get over her severe anxiety with the help of one little thing… just saying YES.

I mean, seriously? She’s a blogger who suffers from severe anxiety & adapted a yes mentality to get over it all. If that isn’t a sign that I am on the right track, I don’t know what is. I honestly think that if I didn’t say yes to the beach I would have never read that article, & if I didn’t read that article, I would have never known that there was someone out there who literally gets it as well as Zoe Suggs. I highly suggest reading her “just say yes” article & watching the accompanying video. You’re gonna love her!

NOW, can we just talk about the VMA’s for a hot minute? I’m a bit baffled & have a few questions…

1. Was the Nikki vs. Miley fight real, cause I was for real scared.

2. Why was the Biebs sobbing uncontrollably & why did the Biebs go all Edward Scissorhands on his hair?

3. Why did Kanye not speak for an hour after getting on stage? Why did Kanye then speak for 2 hours about listening to the kids? Why did Kanye wear a sweatsuit to the VMA’s? Did Kanye really say he smoked a joint & is running for president in the same sentence? SO CONFUSED.

Surprisingly, with all of that weirdness going on, Miley’s outfit choices didn’t even confuse me in the slightest. Actually, ever since her latest cover story in Marie Claire, I am reallllly into her whole nudist/liberal/vegan vibe. #teamMILEY.

x, E

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» cheeky new iPhone case + matte black claws «

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» lavender mocha via Holsem Coffee «

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» new ear candy ft. a tiny rose gold hoop for my rook piercing + a middle of the ear cuff (my new obsession). «

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» beach day #regrams! «

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