What is CBD + Why I am a MAJOR Fan



Basically, it’s my HOLY GRAIL of all health/wellness products. You probably know this already because I’ve talked about it quite a bit, but I suffer from pretty intense anxiety, & this stuff has been a game changer for me. I do smoke weed, so I get a lot of great benefits from that, but CBD just has a different feel to it.

Personally, CBD just seems way more effective than THC in my personal opinion. Plus, a lot of the situations that cause me to get anxious are not situations where being stoned is the best idea. ALSO- sometimes smoking weed can make you more anxious… for me, when I smoke a strand that is Sativa I freak out. Indica is the only thing I can smoke.

Getting off track though… this is about CBD, not my weed smoking ways… although, totally down to talk about that too another time!

Okay, so the next question is how do you take CBD. There are a few options. You can do drops, chocolates, candy, lotions, balms, salves, vape it etc. etc. I personally am OBSESSED w/ my Leef Organics (non-GMO, all organic, & sun grown CBD) Thrival CBD extract drops for generalized anxiety as well as their Revive CBD balm that I use on my low back (I have a fractured disc & this stuff is so good for pain!!!)

& when I need a sweet tooth fix, I am all about the Sakara CBD chocolates. They are so yummy.

Oh yea, & I also give it to my dogs! They both have bouts of seperation anxiety when we leave the house, so we put a few drops on their treats & they LOVE it. It helps mellow them out so well. My Mom’s dogs take it too when they go on long car rides. Genius little safe version of doggy Xanax!

Now, I am no expert nor am I medical professional (note: I am not giving anyone medical advice, but just sharing something that helps me a ton) so for tons more information check out Project CBD. It’s a mecca of CBD information, & they def. know there shit.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Have you guys tried CBD? If so- what are your thoughts on the stuff? LMK in the comments below! x, E

[ p.s. should the Mary Jane diaries be a feature I do more often? If so, let me know some of the stuff you guys would want to know!! ]

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  • Jenn Smith

    Yesssss make the Mary Jane diaries a regular topic!

  • AC

    Yes please please keep up the MJ diaries it’s so refreshing, I’ve never seen a blogger talk about it! How about a post on indica vs sativa, maybe an interview with a medical marijuana doctor to give their take? Love the posts!

  • Ooh- I need breez mints! Looking up now :)

    As far as my fave indica strains, I am really not picky- but it’s gotta be straight indica or else my heart beats out of my chest!

  • Aww yay! The products will be back in stock within the next few days!

  • great! Thanks lady

  • Kim

    Love what you’re doing, do share more! x

  • This was very informative, and it’s great to have your input on this topic. Please more Mary Jane Diaries!

  • I don’t drink caffeine really- I am so so so sensitive to the stuff. it makes me a jittery mess :( I also can’t smoke Sativa cause it makes me so nervous too! UGH. Indica, luckily, doesn’t make e lazy really!

  • I will do! Thank you Alexandra <3 xoxo