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Pre-Vacation Jitters

THE PRE-VACAY jitters are the worst. Am I alone in this problem, or does everyone get nerves before they are about to leave town? I literally kinda freeze up before leaving a trip, cause it's just so damn overwhelming. The whole thing. First, the packing. I hate packing!! I always…

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What’s Your Chronotype? (HINT: GAMECHANGER ALERT!)

OKAY- so a while back I interviewed holistic nutritionist Torie Borelli on the blog- remember her? She is a WEALTH of health knowledge & introduced me to so many great new things. Brain Octane oil, these bars that I am obsessed with, & also the life changing discovery of my chronotype....…

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Spring Sneakers

[ wearing Dirty Laundry fur pom pom high tops ] Never not down for a good sneaker, but especially lately. I typically opt for heels, but I've been working out a little more than usual, so my calves are sore... & sneakers are just easier. Also, good timing on this sneaker…

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Side Stripes (+ a Bad Case of Blogger’s Block)

TBH with you guys- I have had some massive blogger's block (is that even a thing? if not, it should be!). Basically, it's one part writer's blog & one part general creativity block. I have been sitting at this computer for... ehhh.... way too long, trying to come up with…

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