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*ring ring* the early 2000’s are calling

SHOP: LPA flame print hoodie | Replay Vintage oval sunglasses | Replay Vintage cat-eye sunglasses | Juicy Couture velour tracksuit | Diesel studded belt | Vans Old Skool platform sneakers | Camo print slouchy chinos | Liars & Lovers extra large gold hoops Well well well, what do we have here? An early 2000's revival?…

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Social Media Makes you Fat & Anxious

^^^ LOL- my face when someone says social media makes you fat & anxious ^^^ GOT YOUR ATTENTION... yah? Well, I wish I could say it's click bait, but it isn't. My Dad, avid news watcher & total buzzkiller, informed me about a new study that literally proves social media…

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The Edit | Summer Shades

Sunglasses are just kinda my thing, which you probably know by now since I am rarely seen without them. Honestly, I might as well be naked if I am not wearing sunglasses. Typically I am all about the oversized, always will be, but I can't say I am not loving…

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