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OKAY- so I kinda have a problem when it comes to buying new beauty products on Amazon. I spend an embarrassing about of time getting lost in reviews & just filling up the cart with all of the odd/different/out of the box beauty products you can think of. I’ve tried snail infused face cleansers, wine wipes for your skin (these are amazing!!!!) & the latest random purchase- the 24k gold beauty bar.

At first, I was SUPER skeptical about this beauty bar… because the idea of a gold bar that vibrates at super speed to give you an instant facelift just seemed to woo woo-ish for me… but after A LOT of research, I found that this weird tool is actually legit all the rage in Japan & Korea.

You guys know how I am a die hard fan of Korean skincare products… so this definitely got me interested. Plus- it reminds me of my jade roller, & I am obsessed w/ my jade roller.

Here’s the Beauty Bar Lowdown:

+ what is it? a T shaped facial tool that is plated in 24k gold & emits 6000 micro-vibrations per minute.

+ how to use it: wash your face & apply your moisturizer or serum as normal. use the gold bar while your lotion is still damp & massage in upward strokes on your face for about 3-5 minutes (the longer you use, the better results you get!).

+ but why does this work?: the combination of the gold ions*** & the micro-vibrations stimulate facial muscles & in turn, tightens, lifts & contours the skin. [*** I need to see some gold ion studies, but the vibration def. makes sense!]

I mean- still unsure? I don’t blame you… sounded way too good to be true for me as well. SO, naturally, I had to try it out for myself & to my honest surprise, it exceeded my expectations.

… & no, this is not a sponsored post.

This gold beauty bar is quickly becoming one of my favorite parts of my day- so much so, I have even been using it twice a day for good measure.

I first use it in the morning after I put on a sheet mask, & before I put on my makeup. When I remove the sheet mask & there is still leftover serum on my face, I used the beauty bar to give my face a quick lymphatic drainage massage. It also helps reduce that morning facial puffiness and define your jaw & cheekbones.

At night I use it post night cream & neck cream (no to tech neck plz) to help my moisturizers absorb into my skin better. I will just chill on the couch, watch tv, & massage my face for a solid 10 minutes. It’s honestly SO relaxing.

Now, I can’t tell you if it’s the super fast vibrations & the upwards motions making my skin look tighter (does wonders for the jowl area!!!) or just the way the tool helps product absorb & that’s plumping things up- but who cares, cause it just does the trick.

You guys- has anyone tried this tool? If so- thoughts??? If not… give it a go & come back to LMK if you love it as much as me! x, e

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  • Pia Hocevar Mucic

    Honestly this sounds kind of amazing! Maybe I will give it a try as well :)
    Fash ‘n’ fudge
    Fash ‘n’ fudge

  • Kendall Keith

    sounds amazing!! so it’s kind of like a derma roller, but better!

    x Kendall

  • Carly

    I’ve heard about these and wasn’t sure if they work! TOTALLY going to purchase one and try it out after this read. The link to Amazon is the same one you use?

  • oh girl you are gonna lovvvvvve :)

  • idsorpo

    Is the jade roller still necessary then? Does the 24k gold beauty bar totally replace the jade roller? I have the 24k gold beauty bar already, but now contemplating on the jade roller. (One can never have too many beauty gadgets) Thanks