WTF is a Jade Roller + Why I’m Obsessed


fashionlush, jade roller, lymphatic massage, undereye circles

It’s been a long time since I shared any of my “WTF” obsessions, & for that I am truly sorry! I know how much you guys like this series, so I really do try to post about the latest & greatest weirdo things I’m trying out as often as possible.

I am always doing R&D for the blog and that involves testing out some pretty odd things, but when they don’t work, I just don’t share. It spares you guys a long, pointless post about it was supposed to do & why it failed me.

I feel that this way, you guys know that these WTF posts are 100% the real deal holyfield. Not some fluff, cause I hate fluff.

Okay, so let’s talk the latest: lymphatic massage & jade rollers to blast away those nasty-ass undereye circles & bags (aka my biggest beauty problem of all).

I’ve had problems w/ undereye circles since I was born. My parents took me to doctors & allergists starting at the age of 3 making sure the circles weren’t any underlying issues. They weren’t, just genetics & thin skin. To say it’s been a lifelong battle would be an understatement. I’ve literally tried every cream & lotion on the market.

fashionlush, jade roller, lymphatic massage, undereye circles

The other week I was spilling my guts about how frustrating it is to my facialist, which is when she started telling me about lymphatic massage. She showed me how it’s done & did it for me. After my appointment I immediately noticed how much lighter & brighter my eyes were. It was a real WOW.

All you do is put eye cream on your eyes & massage under your eyes using your ring finger (the only finger that should touch your under eyes as it’s the weakest). Starting from the inner corner of your eye, massage outward using GENTLE circular motions. When you get to the other corner press slightly harder down to your ears. This helps break up blood cells & move them out from under your eyes. Do it while your watching TV, checking emails, eating dinner, whenever. The more often the better. If you need a visual, go on YouTube, they have tons of great tutorials.

When I got home though, I obviously did my due diligence w/ a whole lot of Google searching & learned about an amazing tool called a Jade Roller. It’s the same concept of the above, but on crack.

Jade Rolling has actually been around for ages, mainly in China by the elite, but has just recently become popular in the states. Considering I am allll about the healing powers of gem stones & crystals (hippy at heart), my interest was immediately peaked.

The concept behind Jade Rolling is similar to that of derma-rolling, but more gentle with way more healing properties. It helps increase stimulation, drains congested lymph nodes, rids the body of toxins/waste, stimulates collagen production (praise), helps with sinus issues, balance chi, & duh- blasts out undereye issues. Okay, so here’s how you do it:

How To Use A Jade Roller:

» Keep your Jade Roller (this is the one I have) in the fridge. The stone is naturally cold, but this extra temperature drop is super refreshing.

» Put eye cream under your eyes or directly on the smaller end of your Jade Roller. Jade Rolling with eye cream helps the eye cream penetrate better.

» Just like when you do it with your fingers, the direction is the same. Inside to outside corner of the eye, pressing down towards the ear.

» Repeat on each eye a few times, twice a day. While your at it, use the larger end of your roller on the rest of your face/neck.

Ta-Dah. Marvel at that one & LMK what you think. Check out Jade Rollers & my fave eye creams below! You can  also check out this post if you’re open to trying under eye fillers.

x, E

p.s. Next on the WTF list will be alllll about Korean beauty routines, so stay tuned & be patient (I gotta give it a legit trial run first!). 

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  • rae

    Really intrigued – sounds like quite the interesting device, although to be completely honest, I sort of like my slight eye bags – I know this sounds really strange! But in Korea they are considered cute. One time I used de-puff pads, and they totally worked, but I thought that I looked so odd without them!

    Rae | love from berlin

    • Erica Stolman

      Interesting! Are you from Korea? If so, you have any other beauty tips? I loveee Korean beauty/skincare. What were the depuffing pads? Do you know if they work for dark circles? I’d love the name! x, E

  • Rachel Marti

    OMG I have the same problem as you and lately with my lack of sleep from working/studying they have gotten 100x worse. Like so bad I feel like i look like I have been punched in the face. Anyway i’m ordering this right now. Thank you for posting! xoxo

    • Erica Stolman

      I totally have 2 shiners 24/7 as well. You’re gonna love this!!

  • I am so intrigued! I’ve never heard of a jade roller but I am all for new ideas on fighting eye bags.

    • Erica Stolman

      It’s awesome :) x, E

  • Awesome post! :) Need to try this! Been trying to get rid of my dark circles forever.

    • Erica Stolman

      Let me know how it works for you! x, E

  • Zoe

    Sounds so good – I have just ordered one! xx

    • Erica Stolman

      Let me know what you think! x, E

  • Lana

    I am totally interested in this!!! Sounds really awesome… however the link for the roller/creams isn’t working! Which one did you buy?

  • I’m am totally interested in this! Which one did you buy? I don’t think your link is working anymore >__<

  • Bita Ehsanipour

    Love it! What eye cream are you using right now?

    • I am using Benefit’s potent eye cream :)

      • Bita Ehsanipour

        Thanks, love! I’ll check it out : ) xx

  • Tracy Vazquez

    Which would you say is best between Jade & Derma roller?

  • for collagen building I would try both!!

  • Karen

    Does it firm the skin? And neck and jowl area?

    • absolutely!! it helps build up collagen there!