Under Eye Fillers: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly


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I have mentioned in passing, somewhere on one of my channels, that I have had under eye fillers.

To my surprise, the requests to do a post started rolling in.

I think I was surprised because I really didn’t realize so many people suffer from out of control under eye circles & are on the HUNT for the fix.

Dude, ditto.

I have tried every cream, serum, vitamin, magic spell, you name it. NOTHING has done me any good.

My under eyes have been around since I was 3. My parents took me to doctors, cause it’s definitely not genetic (I’m lone under eye circle sufferer in my family), so I guess they were semi-concerned. Since then, I have had a million different tests all my life & it all ended up boiling down to the fact that… I have really bad under eye circles

They’ve said I have thin skin under my peepers, they’ve suggested I constantly practice lymphatic drainage, & then one doctor made the suggestion that it could it be shadows making my under eyes look so dark.

Yes- SHADOWS. The idea of it being shadows is what convinced me to get under eye fillers.

Basically, he noticed I did have some darker pigmentation under my eyes due to thin skin & just extra blood pooling (I know, gross). For that he recommended the same things: a good lightening eye cream & lymphatic drainage.

The main thing he pointed out though, was the fact that the area under my eyes is just more sunken in than most, which creates a shadow, & makes the under eye circles look 900x worst.

Obviously, I wanted to fix it & solve all my under eye problems for good. SO, doctor got his fillers & plumped up my under eye area.

As for what I thought of the whole process…

Under Eye Fillers: The Good, The Bad, & the Ugly

+ The Good: right after leaving my appointment my eyes IMMEDIATELY look amazing. My under eye circles were nearly gone. It was like a miracle sent from above. I took pictures & sent to all my friends and family. To say I was excited would be an understatement.

My confidence was boosted, I didn’t always wear sunglasses, & it was just all around amazing. The looked AMAZING… while they lasted.

+ The Bad: “while they lasted”… cause they just didn’t I could honestly say after one month things started going down hill from there. I would say 3 months MAX… & that’s pushing it.

I did like the results SO much I tried it one more time about 4 months ago, & it’s already gone again. For the price, I can’t say it’s worth it, but I could also just metabolize the stuff faster than others? Not quite sure how that works or varies, but my Doctor did confirm the under eye fillers never last as long.

There are other brands of fillers they say last longer, so if I do it again, I will try another brand for sure.

Do your research!

+ The Ugly: Well… not a lot of ugly, cause like I said, they were GORG while they lasted. I guess the ugliest part would be slighttttt bruising (use Arnica) & the pain. I have a high pain tolerance, I don’t think shots hurt at all, but there is definitely a pinch. They also swell a little, but that didn’t bug me cause they just looked more filled out.

Not unbearable, but uncomfortable.

That pretty much sums it up, yeah? If you have any questions just LMK. As you can see, open book over here. ALSO- if you have tried anything/something that has even slightly worked for under eye circles- LET A SISTER KNOW. The hunt continues on…

x, E



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  • I have terrible under eye circles, too. I would love to try fillers, but I think I’m going to try out lymphatic drainage first. Just ordered your jade roller on Amazon – thanks for the recommendation!

  • Erica! You should really try PRP treatment. I used to have pretty bad bags under my eyes (ditches) but my doctor really recommended against fillers for various reasons, a few of them you mentioned above.

    PRP – “vampire facial” fills that area with your own plasma and it improves over time & it’s your own body’s fluids that help! SERIOUSLY recommend. My bags are like 95% gone after a few treatments. Also some lasers help.

  • Jenna

    I work for a plastic surgeon and we use Restylane L for undereye! Lasts 10 months — give or take. Depends on the patient and yes some people can metabolize faster than others!