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fashionlush, bespoke sneakers, myswear by farfetch

Hey guysss! Happy hump day :).

Today I’m sharing with you some breaking fashion news that has got me reallll excited.

You know the website, right? If not, check it out ASAP, because it’s one of my faves. It’s one huge shopping site with 300+ different boutiques encompassed within it & they aren’t just your run of the mill lines either. They have a ton of rad designers ranging from high fashion to high street + a whole bunch of others you have never heard of (but need to know!).

They are super cutting edge over at Farfetch, so when I heard that the founder, José Neves, created a bespoke sneaker line, I had to check it out stat. No surprise, it’s pretty much the coolest thing since sliced bread.

The line is called MYSWEAR & it is the worlds first completely customizable luxury fashion sneaker. You guys all know, I love a good DIY & making my own stuff, so the thought of getting to create my own sneakers that no one else would have seriously blew my mind.

The best part of the whole thing, other than the end result, is the super cool process. You first pick out your sneaker base, which includes a slew of super sick sneakers (including a ton of pointed toe versions that I literally died over!), & then you enter their 3D modeling technology that shows you each step of the way & how it will look from every angle.

Here is a look at my original mood board & finished product, but keep reading to see my thought process for my design.

fashionlush, bespoke sneakers, myswear by farfetch

I went with The Dean sneaker which is like a little oxford w/ the most perfectly pointed toe.

I am loving the whole white sneaker trend right now, so I opted to keep the colors super clean & neutral (although they have just about every color you could imagine). I started with a clean white calf hair for the front/back of the shoe & then accented the sides with a natural snakeskin. I am obsessed with natural textiles, so those two were a shoe in (pun totally intended) for my design.

I kept the sole & laces white, but topped off the final look with black lining. It’s all about the little details, & I love how MYSWEAR let’s you customize every angle of your custom bespoke sneaker.

** post update: I won the MYSWEAR create your own sneakers contest & these bad boys will soon be mine!! YAY. So excited & can’t wait to show you guys :) **

I really hope more fashion brands take a cue from Farfetch & start thinking more about bespoke fashion, because I am all about those one of a kind pieces & being your own designer! Check it out & let me know what you guys think :). x, E

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  • What an incredible way to get custom shoes, we have stores like this for jeans, shoes and of course suits in Thailand but you have to be really creative because the people who have these stores tend to be out of the fashion loop! Ill have to take a peek at this site! xo C

    • Erica Stolman

      It’s the coolest :) love the Bespoke concept!

  • Honestly, I think your designs are absolutely amazing though I’m not an expert, I just have the love for them:D Congratulations, you definitely deserve these bad boys:)

    • Erica Stolman

      Thank you!! x