My Love/Hate Blogging Relationship


fashionlush, leather overalls, blogging relationshipfashionlush, leather overalls, blogging relationship

So… something weird has happened to me twice in the past month.

I have had two people ask me, “Do you even enjoy being a blogger?”.

Ouch. That hurts, for real.

First person to ask me this was Zack. Obviously he knows me better than anyone, so it def. caught me off guard when he asked me this. He went on to explain that it seems I spend a lot of time comparing myself to other people, bitching about the inauthenticity of it all, & being all around not confident about myself.

Can’t deny that. 

Then, second time, I was having my second meeting with this new spiritual guru/talk therapist/healer lady who I am loving so far, & she was asking me about my work. I can’t remember what I said… but she came up with the same question as Zack. “What do you like about blogging?”

Only difference was… she was gonna make me actually answer & figure it out.


First we went over the cons of the blog world: 

+ everyday I see people using social media to boast about their fabulous lives, when they could be doing so much more with those massive followings. It’s so amazing how much reach people have, but so sad when people use it simply to make people envious. I am 100% not saying people should post their shitty moments, but I just wish people would use those followings to connect more & help make the world a little bit better of a place.

+ girls are catty & it’s a hard industry to make friends.

+ people only care about numbers (see above… easier to make friends when you have more followers. Some may say that’s not the truth, but it is & it’s unfortunate).

+ confidence get’s shot on the daily… cause you have unlimited access to all the prettiest/most stylish babes in the world.

+ people are faking their internet fame way too much & it’s just getting kinda rude. When you work super hard at something & see someone just faking their way by AND getting work for it… it just get’s old.

fashionlush, leather overalls, blogging relationship

Next, the pros of being a blogger: 

+ I get to do what I love.

+ I get to connect with girls everywhere & do my part to inspire them.

+ I get to write, which I love to do.

+ I get to be endlessly creative on the daily.

+ I am my own boss & I make my own hours.

+ I love graphic design, which I get to do a lot of.

+ I have worked with some amazing brands.

WHEW!!! After getting all that off my chest with my spiritual healer master guru & with you guys, I just felt/feel so much better. Luckily, my guru told me it was all good. The things I didn’t like about blogging were all outside forces. Not important & totally can be ignored with a little help. The things I loved about it were all inner forces… & those what really matters.

Really good news to my ears as I 100% identify myself as a blogger. Shit’s about to get corny, but in all honesty… blogging is not what I do, it’s who I am (ew- told ya). It’s not always the best thing, but it’s my thing.

I think the general take away for this rant of mine (thanks for listening… sorry if I am whining?) is that whatever job you are in, JUST DO YOU & forget what’s going on around you. Also, make sure your PRO’s list is full of all those inner forces. If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.

ANDDDD with that… I am officially signing off. The cheesy life lesson quotes are just getting out of control today. Be sure to get to the bottom of this post to shop this look because I am really lovinggggg a leather overall moment.

x, E

fashionlush, leather overalls, blogging relationshipfashionlush, leather overalls, blogging relationshipfashionlush, leather overalls, blogging relationship

wearing: white ribbed off the shoulder shirt | leather overalls (similar) | Quay ‘Cafe Racer’ sunglasses | From St. Xavier ‘Riley’ clutch | fur bag charm


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