How Mary Jane helps w/ Bitchy Aunt Flow



I recently had a reader reach out on Instagram asking if I use CBD or Cannabis for PMS & suggested I do a post on it. GENIUS IDEA.

I obviously use Cannabis when I am on my period, cause I use it regularly, but it wasn’t until this past year that I really got to know nasty Aunt Flow & all the ugly things that come with her. I was smooth sailing when it came to PMS for most of my life thanks to birth control. I always took your regular, run of the mill, birth control & never really thought twice about it.

Then, when I hit 30, I started to gain weight fast. I put a workout routine in place, but I also did some research on my birth control. The reviews were pretty horrifying & weight gain was a big one. I made an appointment with my doctor & made the decision to switch to the “mini pill”. It’s a progestin only pill & within a few weeks of using it, my workouts were noticeably giving me better results. The stubborn weight was falling off & I was thrilled.

Until my first period on the new pill came. HOLY F*CK. If I didn’t believe PMS was a thing, I now knew it was all too real. Every symptom you could imagine hit me hard. Cramps like you wouldn’t believe, hormonal breakouts (still happening, we’re working on it), headaches, bloating, sore boobs, & some pretty horrifying moods were happening.

I didn’t want to switch my new birth control because it was helping with the weight gain, but the PMS was not a good time.

I smoke weed, so treating my PMS with cannabis was a no brainer for me. The Cannabis plant is known to be a strong painkiller (*fun fact* even Queen Victoria used Cannabis for her cramps) & even though there is tons of studies on how cannabis helps directly with PMS, there are studies on how it helps with pain, & women everywhere swear by Cannabis for cramps. Myself… & Whoopi Goldberg included.

Let’s break it down… WHY Cannabis cures Cramps, how to use it for PMS, & the best strains for Aunt Flow.



I get cramps starting 5 days before my actual period starts & it’s hell. THC is a muscle relaxant & has anti-inflammatory properties, which that is why it is SO effective as easing the pain that comes with cramps.

It is a safer option than something like Midol/Tylenol & IMO, much more effective.


If you have low back pain or boob pain during your period, which I do (sometimes I can’t even workout cause sports bra’s hurt so bad!), the cannabis can help ease that pain as well… again due to those stellar anti-inflammatory effects.

Pain doesn’t actually come from the area that is hurting, it comes from the brain, more specifically pain is created in the endocannabinoid system. This system in our brain manages the presence of pain & when it interacts with the cannabinoids from the cannabis plant it works to ease the presence & intensity of the pain.

*scientific study on this found here*


Last night I had a splitting headache & that, along with the cramps, tells me Aunt Flow is near. Headaches during the time of menstruation is common & because of everything I said above, cannabis is key for headaches.

I alway shave had weird sinus issues that cause me headaches, & I haven’t taken an Advil in YEARS. Why pop three Advil when one hit of weed eases my head pain?


OH MAN- the moods. My poor boyfriend. There is always a huge argument of some sort leading up to my period & it usually involves me flipping the f*ck out over something very ridiculous.

Not to mention, I cry at every thing on TV when I am on my period. A commercial about allergy medicine can have me sobbing in seconds. It’s insane, especially considering I don’t cry often.

The body prepares for getting your period, & that preparation involves hormonal shifts that can cause our moods to go haywire.

Smoking weed, as you probably know, lifts your mood & there have been a handful of studies done to show the effects of THC as a mood stabilizer. The active ingredients in THC bind to the receptors in the brain that help to level out your moods which, as you can imagine, is incredibly helpful when your period turns you into a monster of emotions.


The most traditional way to use Cannabis to ease the symptoms of PMS is to inhale it. That is my preferred method because it works the quickest & you can dose yourself easily. The effects don’t last long, so if you’re not out of pain just yet, you can take another hit & see if that does the trick.

You can eat it, but for edibles you need to be SO CAREFUL. I have had some bad experiences on edibles, so my best advice would be to consume very little & wait. It takes longer to kick in & the effects last longer, so you really don’t want to overdo it with the edibles (which is hard cause they make edibles taste so damn good these days!).

You can also use topical’s for direct relief. When my pain is really bad, I use this Lion Balm from Om Edibles (Whoopi Goldberg’s company!) that I got from my local dispensary. I use it ALL the time on my chronic low back pain & it’s a real game changer.

The one thing I haven’t tried that people rave about is cannabis suppositories. If you’ve tried them please LET ME KNOW- I am very curious & confused (what about tampons?!). They are only available in California as far as I know… but I personally have not yet seen these any of my local dispensaries.

All of that being said, I fully understand not everyone wants to feel “high”, which is where CBD comes into play.

CBD has MANY of the same effects on PMS as THC, but just may not be quite as strong. The ideal combo is CBD & THC… but if you can’t do THC, the CBD will still make a huge difference as it is also known for being a great anti-inflammatory agent/muscle relaxant/& has a calming effect on your nervous system.

You can get CBD at your local dispensary or you can order from my person favorite CBD company, Leef Organics.


1. Obama Kush: this is an indica/sativa hybrid that can help ease physical pain while greatly improving mood. It has the best of both worlds helping to ease the pain and mellows your mood.

2. Cherry Kush: this is one of my personal favorite strains as it is an indica dominate strain & really helps ease the feelings of stress and anxiety. It is also great for headaches, pain, & has a cherry taste to it (imo).

3. Cheese: indica cheese is one of the fastest pain relieving strains & the results are lasting.

4. Purple Urkle: if you’re cramping is SEVERE, this is the strain to try… but note, it is POTENT. It may not be the best strain to use on a Monday when you have a huge meeting, but if your period hits on the weekend… grab a blanket, order in Postmates, & let Purple Urkle soothe all of your period pains.

5. Sour Diesel: people love this strain for cramps because it is effective at managing pain & the high is super uplifting/productive. It is a sativa dominant strain & I don’t smoke Sativa because it gives me anxiety- but if you do like a Sativa, Sour Diesel seems to be a real fan favorite.

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