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I am really having a moment with more edgy feels lately & just about anything oversized. I got this borrowed from the boys long sleeve white t-shirt on Amazon while on one of my many late night Amazons shopping sprees (kind of a problem) and although I loved the fit & fabric, it needed a little something something.

I have been seeing these tie cuff blouses & shirts all over the place, so I grabbed some d-ring belts (major 7th grade throwback) & decided to make my own. It was just what the shirt needed to up the cool factor, & extremely simple to make. Pair this rad new shirt dress w/ some black tights & either chunky boots or thigh high boots and layered chokers for an easy, yet super cool, overall look.

Peep the supplies & step by step (with a video) below! have fun with this one- I’m obsessed w/ it! . x, E

fashionlush, diy belted cuff tee, fashion hack

DIY Belted Cuff Tee

» oversized long sleeve t-shirt

» 2 d-ring belts

» scissors & jewelry pliers

1. First, put on your long sleeve t-shirt.

2. Grab your belt & wrap it around your wrist to measure how long it will be. I pulled the belt tight around my wrist (over the shirt) & then added about 3-4 inches (depending on how much excess you want once the belt is fastened). Mine was about 17 inches long.

3. Cut your belt in the desired spot & then remove the bracket from the other end of the belt (the other half ot he belt). Remove that piece with a jewelry pliers & secure onto the end of your shortened belt.

4. Wrap around the wrist, pull tight (or have someone help- it’s way easier), & you’re good to go. Stupid easy, & so so cool!

fashionlush, diy belted cuff tee, fashion hack

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  • Such a nice idea … It’s really unique and a beautiful look! :)
    Merci for sharing and Merry Christmas! :)

    ❣LA BIJOUX BELLA❣| BY MIA | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

  • omg I love you for this. no joke I’ve been eyeing the grey top that looks almost exactly like this from Storets (those D-rings tho) but have been trying to figure out the best way to make it myself with some leather cuffs instead & had no idea where to start so DEF giving this a go this weekend! I love it with the tights & boots too! x Shannon

    • Yay!! I saw that one too, inspo for the DIY!

  • Truly wonderful I’m gonna give it a go with the silk belts from those kitsch stores at malls. Muuuuwahaha. Thanks for the idea, love.

    • so cute! post a pic & tag me so I can check it out <3