DIY Rose Quartz Infused Facial Mist


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Very excited about this post, because I love love love sharing my crystal obsession with you guys. I recently shared a little intro to crystals post on the blog, & it was amazing to see how many of you were into it! It was a definite coin toss, either people LOVE the concept or think it’s the stuff of witch doctors (maybe it is, but I promise it’s def. not snake oil!)

In that previous crystal post, you guys met the crystal experts at Energy Muse, & today they’re back for a fun beauty DIY project.

When they first emailed me telling me about this special potion, I was all about it. I had to whip it up ASAP, & of course, share it with you guys.

I waited a few weeks for a little R&D before I shared my thoughts with you guys, & lemme tell ya, I am OBSESSED with this stuff. Perfect timing too, since my boring old Evian spritzer ran out.

I spray it on whenever I just feel like I need an energy refresher, after I wash my face at night, right when I wake up in the morning (totally helps wake me up!), after I do my make-up (great to set your make up & add a little dewiness), & I even spray it on the dog/Zack when I feel like they need a little mood booster.

I also really love spraying it all over my face & then use my jade roller to fully spread the spritz while increasing circulation/draining the lymphs. Not only is the whole process refreshing, but moisturizing & rejuvenating as well. Plus, the jade roller really plumps up your skin. You can read all about my beloved jade roller here!

Read for a complete list of the fabulous benefits in your new favorite facial mist + how to make this wonderful concoction!

fashionlush, rose quartz, crystal infused beauty, diy facial mist

The Vibes | Rose Quartz Benefits

» raises self esteem

» restores confidence

» emotional balance

» enhances self love & the love for others.

» activates the heart chakra & promotes positive energy.

» releases stress, tension, anger, & resentment.

The Skin | Rose Essential Oil Benefits

» anti-microbial & kills the specific bacteria that causes acne

» using it regularly improves how well your skin absorbs lotions/creams/etc.
refines skin texture

» reduces inflammation & redness.

» has astringent properties to tone & tighten skin.

» fades scars.

» fights free radicals & helps clear the skin of toxins.

fashionlush, rose quartz, crystal infused beauty, diy facial mist

DIY Rose Quartz Crystal Facial Mist

» 4 oz Rose Quartz infused beauty water

» Sweet Almond Oil (or another base oil of your choice such as Jojoba or Argan Oil)

» Rose essential oil (or any oil you like– even a mixture of oils works!)

» 1 spray mister bottle (glass preferred)

1. To create beauty water, place your Rose Quartz in a glass bowl with filtered or distilled water. Set the bowl in the direct sunlight starting at sunrise and let it absorb the sun’s energy until sunset.

2. Once your infused crystal water is ready, add in 24 drops of your Almond oil along with 12 drops of your

3. Funnel into your spray bottle, & if you have small enough quartz- add them to the bottle for a nice presentation :).

ENJOY! I hope this brings you good vibes… & good skin! x, Erica

fashionlush, rose quartz, crystal infused beauty, diy facial mist

The Edit | Crystal Infused Beauty Products

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  • Laura

    Love this! Have really missed the DIY posts!

    • Good to know! Thanks Laura, more to come!

  • This is seriously the coolest thing I’ve ever heard of! I love the idea on spraying it on the BF when he’s acting whack and needs a boost. ;) x

    • Always spritzing it in the BF’s face. He isn’t a fan, but oh well!

  • Chandler Hennelly

    Love this post! I am def going to make this when I get a chance!

  • Cassie Dulworth

    Obsessed with this. I’m one of those people who’s super into crystals. Also, I laughed at the thought of spraying this on my bf when he’s in a bad mood. Not sure if it would make him happier or more annoyed haha.

    • It definitely annoys the shit out of him, but then he laughs & cheers up (which I think is because of the good energy!)

  • Totally going to be doing this! and I see “Light is the New Black” over there! That book changed my life. I just ordered Rise Sister Rise, her new one!

    • such a good book! I will have to get the second one <3

  • Chris Minihane

    you dropped a word when you describe how to make the crystal infused spritz. Also, can you not put a pinch of crushed rose quartz in the spritz?