5 uber Cute Last Minute Galentine’s Ideas


fashionlush, valentine's day, Galentine's Ideas

Valentine’s Day is fun & all, but you know what’s really legit…. GALENTINE’S day. Single ladies, not gonna lie, kinda jealous.

I mean… who wants to get all dolled up on a Tuesday night anyways?! Date nights are cool, but it’s a lot of work to curl my hair and do a full face of make up on a weeknight. Sorry babe, if you’re reading this… sooo excited for dinner ;).

ANYWAYZ- flashing back to the good old days when I lived in a cute beach house with 2 of my best friends, our Galentine’s Day celebrations were on point. There was champagne, onesies, hair braiding, cheesy ass movies, chocolate covered strawberries, crafts, etc. We pulled out all the stops.

SO, today I am sharing my top 5 fave last minute Galentine’s Day ideas… which I may or may not force on Zack regardless… atleast the champagne w/ raspberry sorbet & probably some sort of face mask (just got this one, & it’s SO fun to peel off). Is it bad I try to make my boyfriend pretend to be my best girlfriend sometimes? LOL… poor guy ;).

x, E

fashionlush, valentine's day, Galentine's Ideas

1. Printable Galentine’s Day Coloring Pages: is it weird that I REALLY enjoy coloring? It’s actually very zen, & always makes for a fun activity to do while watching movies. Plus, it’s easy to set up & make super festive. Head over to your local Kinkos & print these out, then hit up the Target dollar section for some cute heart shaped tins & a few packs of crayons. CUTE, yes?

2. Raspberry Pink Champagne Floats: pink drinks & bubbles are a must. this will be def. happening in my house though!

3. DIY Nail Polish Bar: Okay, so while you’re at Target picking up crayons- grab some quick drying polishes in pinks & reds, base coats, top coats, nail polish remover wipes, a few cheap nail files, quick dry spray. & maybe some cute little heart shaped nail decals. Set it all up (by a door/window- it could get stinky), & treat your friends to a fun & festive little DIY mani bar!

4. 9 Netflix Movies That Are Perfect to Watch With Friends on Galentine’s Day: because Galentine’s Day isn’t complete with out some cheesy romcom! Check out this list for some really good Galentine’s worthy movies. 10 Things I Hate About You & Practical Magic, yes plz!

5. Mini Heart Shaped Pizza: Lastly, girls gotta eat & these single serving heart shaped pizzas are so cute… & so easy! Get some pizza dough, a heart shaped cookie cutter, all the fixings, & you’re good to go.

Okay- that’s all she wrote! What are your guys’ vday plans? Personally… I am taking tomorrow off to hang with the boyfriend all day & then he has a surprise dinner planned! x, E

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