Top 5 Nail Polish Colors for Summer 2017


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The nail salon is my zen. It is my happy place.

It is the one place where both hands are too busy to check emails & have one-two hours (depending on how much I wanna pamper myself) to just relax.

My favorite part about getting my nails done though, is deciding on a color.

The night before a nail appointment I always browse Instagram & bookmark (love this feature) all my favorite colors of the moment so I can be prepared when hit with the book full of fake nails painted in 500 different colors.

When it comes to my color choices, I really like to have fun with my nails & mix things up, sooo today I am sharing with you guys the next 5 polishes on my list of colors to paint my nails in the future.

** p.s. All my color picks are by China Glaze, cause according to my mom, it’s better than Essie/OPI/etc. I will say- pretty impressed that her at home mani barely chipped after a whopping two weeks, and if was white (which typically chips in like a day)! **

1. Ultra Violet Purple: my current color, which I actually let my nail lady pick for me & ended up loving. I wanted something SUPER bright, but not too obnoxious (plus, a neon orange looks horrific on my skintone), & this cool/yet shocking purple was perfect.

2. Army Green: the camo trend is huge right now, & just recently I have seen it on nails as well. I love the juxtaposition of a Fall-ish nail color in the Summer & this green is the perfect shade I have seen yet.

3. Metallics:  I typically go for more flat colors, but lately I have been eyeing all of the metallics. I love the idea of a chrome nail, but after trying it, I realized it was a little aggressive for me- so I am thinking of switching to a pretty rose gold metallic next time around.

3. Pastel Blue: my last visit to the salon it was a toss up for the uv purple or a light light sky blue. I opted for the purple, but a powdery blue hue is definitely in my future (but also loving pastel pinks, buttery yellows, & light lavenders!)

4. Warm Browns:  brown is kinda an ugly color, but for nails, I am into it. It’s different, & goes so well with just about any skintone (although make sure it’s not the same color as your skin- either one shade lighter or one shade darker atleast!). This one is pretty universal, & for a brown hue, I def. think it needs to be super flat.

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