My 7 Step Rejuvenating Nighttime Skincare Routine


fashionlush nighttime skincare routine

Last week I shared with you guys my morning makeup/beauty routine, so it’s only fair I share what I do at the end of the day as well to wash all that stuff off & get ready for my dose of much needed beauty sleep- yes?

I am a stickler when it comes to my routines… & as I get older, I get more & more invested in these little morning/nighttime rituals. It’s my zen time & my skin definitely deserves a little TLC after a long day of wearing makeup/soaking up all of the nasty environmental toxins that really do a number on our (yours too) skin.

So, without further adieu, I introduce you guys my go-to, tried & true….

Nighttime Skincare Routine


Mandelic Face Wash

a while back I saw the most amazing facialist & she was all about Mandelic everything when it comes to keeping acne at bay. I tried her serum & it really did work miracles. Cleared up all my underground hormonal acne that only I can tell is there (you know the kind- it’s the worst). 

I ran out of my serum & since the facialist is kinda far away from where I live, I went to Amazon to find an alternate Mandelic something for my skin. I ended up getting this amazing cleanser & it’s really doing the trick. My skin feels so so smooth & glowy after each use.

Babor Ampoule Concentrates

Not really sure how to explain these little ampoules– but they are AMAZING. I guess the best comparison would be like a moisturizing toner? Same consistency, but instead of drying things out, this stuff really soaks into your skin & make your complexion look so much more plump/youthful!

Rosewater Face Mist

I am just obsessed with this stuff! It’s refreshing, calming, moisturizing (infused with vitamin E & coconut oil), & is a really great gentle alternative for a toner!

Blue Tansy Sleeping Oil

Blue Tansy oil is all the rage these days, and for good reason. It gives your skin a massive collagen boost overnight, & greatly fades fine lines/large pores/uneven texture/and redness. 

If your skin is feeling irritated or angry (after a day in the sun, for example), Blue Tansy Sleeping Oil will help calm your skin’s issues by the morning. It’s especially great on my skin after exfoliating or applying Retin-A (I use prescription Retin-A once a week, and it is def. hash on the skin, but effective!)

Sunday Riley C.E.O. Rapid Flash Serum

I have been using this stuff day & night lately! It’s really amazing at brightening up my complexion- which had been really needed lately. It’s basically like a super concentrated glass of orange juice for your skin & is jam packed with vitamin C so it really does wonders at brightening my up my currently kinda dull complexion & has been majorly helping fade some nasty dark spots from picking.

La Mer Cream

Full transparency, this cream was one of my better gifts I have received as a blogger. I tell you that because no matter how good a cream is, over $100 seems excessive to me. That said, La Mer products are all the rage & the cream is a cult favorite… so I was pretty excited to try it. 

I can now say, the hype is real. It’s a damn good THICK cream

Sometimes though, it’s too thick. I often times only apply it to my neck and under my eyes & then use my second favorite/more lightweight moisturizer, the Wonjin Effect Baby Glow Cream.

Grande Lash

I miss my fake lashes almost as much as my miss my fake nails. I have been trying to grow them both out naturally, and so far- the lashes are doing fab, & the nails are taking their sweet time. 

I started using Grande Lash a few months ago per the recommendation of a very long lashed friend to help speed up my eyelash regrowth post lash extensions- & it has done just that. My lashes are back on their a-game thanks to this little miracle product!

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  • Kara

    THANK YOU for being honest about the La Mer being gifted! I love your recs and it’s such a relief to get your real opinion… people can always smell bullshit! I can’t wait to try the mandelic face wash. Also loved your korean beauty post! 😚

  • Thanks lady xo!

  • <3