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So I first met Rachel in between meetings at the RewardStyle Conference a few months back. She was sitting next to me & Lauryn and so kindly started up conversation (sadly, this was rare at the conference).

I thought to myself: this babe has some serious great hair & skin, bet you she’s a beauty blogger, I would love to pick her brain. So, we swapped cards (I was right, beauty blogger) and when I got home from the trip I first scoped her blog, then emailed her stat. I had to have her as a Fashionlush Spotlight cause I know you guys/me will love love love her fab tips & tricks.

So, w/o further adieu… meet the oh-so-fab Beauty Professor, cause I’ve gotta go purchase the 900 items in this post that I can’t live w/o.

Byeee. xx, E

▸▸ Hi babe! Thanks for being on the blog– introduce yourself:

Rachel Anise: My name is Rachel Anise Wegter and I live in Seal Beach, CA. I am a college professor and high school teacher, specializing in communication, specifically, public speaking, journalism, debate, mediation & negotiation and media studies. I am happily married and have a Peke-a-Poo pup named Jethro. My blog can be found at:

▸▸ Why did you start blogging? What’s your “blog story”. Tell us a bit about what we will find at The Beauty Professor?

RA: A couple of years ago, I had a publishing deal with a fellow professor; we wrote a public speaking textbook that was one of the first to integrate social media as a viable, intrinsic form of communication! Once I was finished, I found myself still in “writer’s mode,” and decided to fulfill that tendency by starting a beauty blog. I thought it would be a good way to both continue writing and document my obscene collection of beauty products!

Within a year and much to my surprise, the blog gained traction and a widespread audience…I feel so blessed and fortunate to be able to work with so many brands I admire and interact with my readers on a daily basis!

On Beauty Professor, you will find totally honest, comprehensive beauty and skincare reviews, product swatches in various lighting situations (to ensure accuracy and aid in online ordering), images of how the product looks on a human face, FOTD’s (face of the day) with product breakdowns and video reviews and tutorials (also on my YouTube channel). I also intermittently post “Office Hours”, which cover an eclectic range of topics and style posts that are more fashion-oriented.

Finally, you will find a community of beauty lovers engaging in the content through comments and questions…if you adore beauty, it’s a fun place to visit!

fashionlush, rachel anise, the beauty professor

▸▸ What is your beauty philosophy?

RA: I prefer a clean, simple, classic and polished approach…an even canvas, earth tones on the lids, a subtle bronze contour, dark lashes and a pinky nude lip. I am resolutely convinced that this beauty look is flattering on everyone.

▸▸ Who inspires you in the world of beauty, who are your beauty icons?

RA: I am inspired by the iconic, natural, classic beauties of the Silent Film Era (e.g., Louise Brooks and Norma Shearer) and the 1960’s (e.g, Jean Seberg, Natalie Wood, Barbara Parkin, Catherine Deneuve, Francoise Hardy and Charlotte Rampling). I am also ever-inspired by my gorgeous mom, who continues to look incredible with every passing year.

fashionlush, the beauty professor, rachel anise

▸▸ What is the best beauty advice you’ve ever been given?

RA: My mom taught me from an early age to never touch my face…germs are the enemy of good skin!

▸▸ If we emptied your purse/make-up bag right now, what would we find?

RA: You’d discover:

+ A disgusting amount of lip color options…easily more than 12 and hopefully less than 20.

+ A couple of powder compacts (from Surratt Beauty, Le Metier de Beaute, Tom Ford and/or Serge Lutens… excessive but true).

+ A few By Terry Ombre Blackstars. + Cle de Peau concealer. + Eyeliner. + Clarins Beauty Flash Balm (great for freshening up mid-day).

+ a Ferragamo silk scarf (comes in handy in a variety of situations…from a “too low” top to a spontaneous hairstyle). Under the mountain of beauty products, there would also be a wallet (currently Longchamp) and sunglasses.

+ Finally, my bag itself will undoubtedly be made by Seth Wegter (who happens to be my brother); he handcrafts brilliant leather creations and does custom designs as well…too talented for his own good.

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▸▸ Your hair though!!! It’s amazing, any hair secrets you’re willing to share with us?

RA: Thank you so much! I am pretty low maintenance in the hair department…I wash daily or every other day, have no less that eight shampoo/conditioner pairs in my shower at any given time (I love to rotate both high-end and drugstore formulas every couple of days), I don’t color my hair at all and my mom cuts it for me once or twice a year. In fact, she is the only one who has ever cut it for me!

I also take Biotin and Vitamin B Complex daily…the hair feeds off of both of these supplements and I firmly believe that nourishing my hair from the inside out is vital to how it looks and feels.

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▸▸ Fave beauty &/or fashion trends for Summer 2014?

RA: 1. Long, carefree hair 2. Bronzed, dewy skin 3. Cut off shorts 4. Button down shirts worn untucked or tied.

▸▸ How do you take care of your skin, fight blemishes, & prevent wrinkles?

RA: I use a retinol-infused product on a regular basis, focus on serums for repair and efficacy on a cellular level, adore beauty oils for hydration and glow and always wear sunscreen…if I am in the sun for a prolonged amount of time, I also wear a hat. My face does. not. get. sun. period.

▸▸ What is your daily make up routine? How about a night out on the town?

RA: Because I teach everyday, I can complete a full face in less than ten minutes.

I start by washing with Koh Gen Do Spa Water. Then I apply a pump of LMdB Peau Vierge and By Terry Cellularose CC Lumi-Serum (to handle skincare and priming needs), follow with a foundation of my choosing (always applied with a damp beauty blender), and finish with bronzer (cream or powder) and blush.

For eyes, I generally apply a bronzy eyeshadow (from By Terry, Jouer, Surratt Beauty or Le Metier de Beaute), a black line on my waterline (Marc Jacobs Beauty HighLiner is the best for this area), two coats of mascara (sometimes done during my commute…but only when I’m stopped at a signal) and add a touch of highlighter. A pinky nude lip color (Tom Ford Nude Vanille, MAC Patent Pink and Lime Crime Babette are all go-to’s) finishes my look.

For a night out, my look is basically the same, though I may amp up my eyes with darker shadow and intensify the lips with extra gloss!

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rachel anise, fashionlush, the beauty professor

▸▸ The one thing every lady should own, whether fashion or beauty wise?

RA: I absolutely cannot pare it down to one…how about four?

1. A flattering pair of sunglasses.

2. A classic black handbag (that doesn’t depend on the whims of the season).

3. A foundation that perfectly matches her skin type, tone and needs

4. A befitting pinky-nude lip color.

▸▸ Drugstore versus designer beauty? Which do you prefer & why?

RA: Designer beauty, without a question, is my preference. I do a lot of hyper-analytical product ingredient comparisons and truly believe that you get what you pay for in most cases.

Although, I concede that drugstore options have definitely improved in the last decade (in terms of ingredients and performance), my heart will always be in the high-end beauty department! To be fair, I do often use drugstore haircare and body care (e.g., lotion etc.)…because my skin is so sensitive, I am just extremely discriminating about what I put on my face.

fashionlush, the beauty professor, rachel anise

▸▸ Your top 5 beauty products you can’t live without?

RA:  1. Le Metier de Beaute Peau Vierge…this skincare step is non-negotiable as it acts as my moisturizer, skin care (it contains a mild concentration of retinol), SPF, primer and illuminator…I shall legitimately weep should this ever be discontinued.

2. Foundation…I am definitely a foundation junkie and find great amusement in hunting for my “holy-grail” base product. Right now I am loving the Cle de Peau Cream Foundation and Guerlain Joli Tint.

3. Pinky Nude lip color…I probably have over 100 and feel like I can easily and unequivocally distinguish between them like a mother does with her identical twins. It is the shade of which I never tire!

4. Surratt Beauty Relevee Mascara…this gorgeous formula (currently available exclusively at Barney’s NY) gives instant and impressive length and volume and does not flake or smudge off, even in inclimate weather or with sensitive eyes (I am a contact lens-wearer!). Makeup Artist and Surratt Beauty Founder Troy Surratt created a veritable masterpiece when he crafted this formula.

5. By Terry Ombre Blackstar Melting Eyeshadow in Bronze Moon #4…nothing beats the pigmentation and lasting power of this flattering bronzy taupe eyeshadow stick. It luxuriously glides on and does not crease or budge for hours on end. Truly in a class by itself.

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  • Both Rachel and her mother are absolutely beautiful! And what a talented brother – I love that Principessa and Quincy!

    • Erica Stolman

      Aren’t they?! Love those bags are amazing!

  • Jessica

    She’s such a doll. I love her look, however i can’t afford to drop hundreds on one look. If I were to splurge on one item in her makeup bag, what should it be

    • Erica Stolman

      Definitely any of the skincare products! I prefer splurging on skincare over makeup :) xo

  • I loved her! She’s full of elan! Glad I have her must-haves on the go! Been obsessing on vintage sunglasses!