This Flat Iron Though…


Let me paint this pretty picture for you. If you watched AHS Coven (so depressed it’s over), you know Myrtle Snow? The redheaded witch who strongly resemble Grace Coddington? Well, minus the fire, that’s pretty much how my hair looks in the morning or after I let it air dry.

It’s a serious fro & not the kind that even if I took care of (diffused/serum/whatever) would EVER in my lifetime turn into pretty Pantene curls. That’s just not in the cards for me.

That said… I live & die for a flat iron. Always have, always will. Yet, for the past two years, I have been using a drugstore flat iron (GASP!!!!). Long ago, my CHI broke, so I had to run (actually sprint) to Target. The one I got ended up never broke, so I just decided it’ll do- & It did, just not very well.

I just got the ghd flat iron & I had a lil’ epiphany– a quality straightener makes a world of difference. I am talking night & day. No more hair ripping out/ not getting hot enough/ taking to long to heat up/ frying of my ends/ etc.

This little tool = total game changer. TRUST.

Why I’m Obsessed::

+ It’s part of the ghd jewel collection (this particular one is “Amethyst”), so it’s really pretty. It also comes in Pink Diamond & Blue Sapphire.

+ It came w/ a perfect matching paddle brush that leaves my hair tangle-free & shiny.

+ The sparkly black plates are uber smooth & NEVER catch stray hairs and rip them out of my head.

+ The plates also have some curve to them, so you can do tons of different flat iron hairstyles w/ this babe, including fab beachy waves.

+ The cord is 9 feet long… so it’s great for the multi-tasker. I can practically sweep the floor, make a smoothie, & straighten my hair all at the same time.

+ It has an automatic “sleep” mode. Which always gives me peace of mind when I think to myself “SH*T- did I leave the flat iron on?!” while at the grocery store.

All in all, it’s a real gem & if you straighten your hair even once a year… you should’ve gotten in yest.

xx, E


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  • First of all, I just wanted to say that I don’t love that color, I’m in love with it!!! :)

    It doesn’t look like it will snap after a few uses.

    Gonna try it, hope it won’t cost too much.


    • Erica Stolman

      Trust me- totally worth it!!!!