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[ Heaven in a cup: chai tea, ginger, soy milk, & cinnamon aka ‘Golden Fairy Dust’. ]

Ahhh… I gotta say. There is nothing like being home. Traveling was great, but the comfort of your abode/your city/your language has been quite refreshing.

My first week back has been hectic, to say the least (my desk is so full it’s almost a joke)… but I am proud to say I have brought home some of that mellow/chill/stress-free vibes from the other side of the pond.

It was one of the major things I noticed while in Europe, people just appreciate the lil’ things so much more. Sure, they work hard/get the job done like the rest of us, but they also put a lot of importance on staying sane & happy. They have longer lunch breaks, open up shop later, & from peeking in the windows of offices- have rad & relaxed creative spaces.

It totally makes sense though, right? If someone is not ripping out their hair from the daily stresses of life & work, if they aren’t exhausted from a long night of meeting deadlines- they are bound to just do the job better & more efficiently.

So, let’s all take this week to channel that energy. Don’t stay up to late or freak yourself out over some assignment at work– instead take a break, have a cappuccino, meditate, go to that yoga class you’ve been wanting to try out, start a good book (this one is my latest- so good!), or draw in a sketchbook. Basically, do whatever helps get zen and find your center. Let’s see how it works ;).

xx, E

fashionlush, shoe organization, closet organization

++ spent the weekend involved some shoe organization… this is just one shelf, I swear they aren’t all black!! ++

fashionlush, vintage jewelry, collar necklaces

++ Just a casual package of vintage collar necklaces from my Dad, NBD. ++

fashionlush, joule clothing, floral print fashion

++ Stepping out my black box & testing out a floral print dress for a day at the horse races ++

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