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So… today I took a nap on accident at 7:30pm, woke up at 9:30 pm startled AF cause I was sure I slept through the night, and now it’s 2:44am & I am wide awake (& actually getting kinda hungry for breakfast).

Hate when that happens, but since I’ve got the energy, why not do some writing?

How are you guys? What’s new? Any big holiday plans?

As for me… I am swamped, but digging the business. Working on a new site design (can’t wait to show you guys!!!!!), getting ready for a trip to the snow, & just a whole lot of holiday stuff going down. Pretty excited cause next weekend we are going ice skating… which is just so damn festive of me.

All in all, just loving the cozy holiday vibes going on right now. I have had a hot dirty rose chai two days in a row (best drink ever, BTW).. which just thrills me that I don’t have to go for the ice option anymore.

Is it sad hot drinks are what thrill me these days? Oh… and my puppies, who are finally accepting the fact they are sisters. This weekend, they cuddled, which is actually one of the highlights of all of 2016. I’ve been waiting for that moment for a long time.

OKAY- that’s all she wrote cause I am rambling & I think that means I might be tired. But not really, I am gonna read my book till my eyes get too tired to stay open (The Butterfly Garden is amazing so far!).

Any good reads? LMK… I am on a major reading kick right now. x, E

P.S. check out this latest Fashionlush feature, ‘Top 7 San Diego blogs to follow‘. Honored to be featured amongst such good company <3.

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  • I really love the holiday vibes in between all the busy, chaos where you feel so relaxed, cozy and just nap for a bit. It’s all worth it and more. I love having a bowl of Pho for the cold days too, it’s such a cure for the soul! :)
    Merry Christmas

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  • holy shit those shoes!!

    you’re so funny you’re doing a site redesign, bc right now your site is fucking goals on crack. you’re always ahead of da game, so I respect ya.

    feeling very like weird with holidays in Cali – it’s like everyday is the same, HA.

    Have da best week gorg!

    • You’re so sweet! I get over my site like every six months- time to simplify :) it’s gonna be super clean and modern!