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» Moon Juice dusts getting me through the holiday season! You guys have go to try them all, they’re AMAZING: power dust, beauty dust, sex dust, brain dust, spirit dust, dream dust «

Hey hey hey! So—- holidays are basically here, & the stress has begun. AM I RIGHT?

I am not gonna lie, not a huge fan of the holiday season. I am not a grinch, but it’s just A LOT of stress, & who actually enjoys stress? Not me. That’s for damn sure.

SO- to make things easier for you guys, I am going to do my best to help you survive the holiday season & maintain your sanity. How do I plan to do this, well.. glad you asked!

First, on Friday, I will be sharing with you guys all the best Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals to shop. No need to scour the internet head to toe for the best deals, I am going to hand pick them for you & round up all the items I think are the best bang for their buck.

Soon after that, the yearly Fashionlush Holiday Shop will launch! I will have gifts for literally all the loved ones in your life. You will simply head to the site, click on the holiday shop, & it will break down the gift ideas. I will be adding to it regularly & I promise you- it will make your gift shopping SO MUCH EASIER. There will also be tons of holiday resources as well, so stay tuned for all of that, because it’s coming & it’s gonna be AWESOME.

& of course, there will be your fair share of holiday looks for all your fabulous soirees coming up. Now that it’s raining, I can really get into the whole Fall fashion thing (yay, love rain!).

Okay, so that’s what to expect, but is there anything else you guys want me to cover for the holidays? I am all about making life easier for people, so just let me know & I will be sure to get you guys what you need!

x, E

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» all black, ft. a cute/cozy little black lace-up sweatshirt (similar style here) «

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» my ladies, always fighting over who gets to sit in the Graf Lantz Korb bin— which is actually meant to store blankets and/or magazines, but they take over everything. «

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» my go-to Fall tote by Violet Ray, this one is sold out but I am super into this style in the same amazing olive color. «

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OKAY- so this may get a little controversial, but hey… if I can’t be honest with you guys, then I might as well just quit blogging all together. Right? Plus, now that prop 64 has passed (woohoo!), I feel like I can just let my freak flag fly! I smoke pot. WHEW. Feels good to finally get that out in the open.

I have never been super into booze, so instead of winding down my day with a glass of wine, I go for a more… natural route?

WHICH BRINGS ME TO…. The Aubox. It’s the first ever (that I know of atleast) luxury cannabis subscription box… & it’s pretty damn amazing. The CEO & Co-Founder, Jessica VerSteeg, is an international model, 2014 Miss Iowa, a contestant on the Amazing Race, & an all around bad ass.

With The Aubox she is helping to change the way people think about cannabis. This box is for the jet setters, go getter, & entrepreneurs… aka people who are ANYTHING but a lazy stoner, & I am obsessed.

You can pick your box based on your personality, change it up each month, & at your doorstep you will receive the most amazing box of goodies. For my box I wanted a lot of CBD because right now I am on a major CBD kick (do you guys want me to do a post on CBD? I will! LMK.). Basically, CBD is non-psychoactive & doesn’t contain any THC, but it’s a game changer for things like pain & anxiety. My dogs even have CBD pills for when they are feeling a little nervous. 

My box came with CBD chocolates, THC gourmet marshMELLOWS (I don’t do edibles, but my boyfriend said they’re amazing!), a “Cannarub” cream, CBD patches for pain, body scrubs infused with Cannabis, 24k gold rolling papers, & SO much more. Basically… the whole thing is one of those “WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THIS” moments!! Geniusssss.

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» raise hell hoodie «

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» wknd looks, from left to right: black square neck mini dress | grey cashmere cardigan | Public Desire x Hailey Baldwin olive green thigh high boots | nude pocket front shirt | nude leggings | nude patent heelsMissguided Tennessee sweatshirt | Chinese Laundry x Kristin Cavallari suede mules «

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  • I love everything about this, especially the MMJ stuff. I am all about breaking the stigma that comes with cannabis so I’ve been a bit …ok, a lot more… vocal about it, but really education & awareness is key! A tangent for another day but I very strongly believe it will be the root of major, major cures. I will absolutely check this out (familiar with club M but not this one) – in fact, when I saw your snap (I think? I forget) and saw the mallows I was wondering if they were the mellows… ;)
    x S

    • Glad I am not alone girl! Weed has helped me A TON

    • oops- wasn’t done writing! I am looking up club M now & am planning to interview the girl behind AUBOX so we can smash those stigmas :) xo

    • Thanks for the ClubM mention :)

  • Knew I could count on ya to help us out for the holdiays ma. Can’t wait to see your shop and guides boo!!

    Also, I smoke pot – LOL – i loved that.
    FEEL YA!

    • Hhaha thank you! Not gonna lie- it was scary to come out & say it… but, I am who I am :)

  • Samantha

    Erica I love you even more now! I wish I lived in a state where I could order this!