My Top Natural Beauty Picks


best natural beauty products

So you wanna be a natural beauty eh?

Well then, let’s start with some natural beauty products (makes sense, right?).

“Chemicals/ ingredients that you can’t pronounce are so good for your skin!!!!” -said NO ONE EVER!!!

Back to basics people. These 10 products are ones I personally swear by as they have helped me through some of my most serious beauty probs ever. Swear to ya.

1. Desert Essence Cleansing Pads // a while back I was visiting some family out of town & I broke out… bad. So, when we headed to the teeny tiny grocery store in the teeny tiny town I stumbled upon Desert Essence products. I opted for the natural tea tree oil cleansing pads (they were airplane friendly) &… welp- my breakouts gone in no time w/o any drying. Plus, my skin felt cleaner than ever!! Tea tree oil my JAM (hello best spot treatment ever), so I was pretty much bound to love these bad boys.

2. 21 Drops De-Stress Rollerball // call me a hippy if you’d like, IDC. Cause honestly, my hippy ways when it comes to health & wellness have done me a world of good. I am all about flower essences & essential oils for just about everything, but ESP. things like stress/ anxiety/ depression. 21 drops De-Stress potion is the, it combines a whole bunch of different flower oils (i.e. frankincense, lavender, yiang yiang, & german chamomile) to help you chill the eff out- sans any prescribed chill pills. Cause at the end of the day, many of your health & beauty problems come from too much stress. I keep this stuff in my purse at ALL times.

3. Pangea Organics Discovery Kit // Ahh Pangea. What a GEM of a beauty line. All organic body products that work wonders after wonders. I was gifted the discovery kit a while back, & I love love love it x 1000. It is a great little starter kit for you to find out which products you like best, for me– definitely the toner & the cream. Yet the whole kit is pretty rad, it leaves my skin looking dewy and perfect. Plus, it all smells so yum.

4. Dr. Bronner Organic Peppermint Soap // Magic soap is my end all be all product. It’s ALWAYS on hand at all time. I use it to wash my hair (on occasion- too often doesn’t work great), clean my produce, shampoo my make-up brushes, wash my face, do my laundry & much more. The peppermint smell is so fresh & so clean. To sum it up, it’s just one of those things you have got to have on hand at all times. Trust.

5. Josie Maran Argan Oil // My mom actually introduced me to this little jar of magic & I’ve been hooked ever since. I mainly use this in my hair before & after I use hot tools. Before to protect & after to smooth- just a little though, too much will leave you looking a bit greasy. It’s also great on cuticles/ elbows/ & icky dry feet.

6. Herbivore Botanicals Lip Butter // want the softest pout ever? I am talking Angelina soft & pouty. Yea, of course you do. Who doesn’t? Herbivore Botanicals Lip Butter kills the competition ten fold. Personally I like the lavender flave (& so does my BF), but mint & blood orange are also pretty damn delish.

7. Herbivore Botanicals Blue Clay Facial Mask // another Herbivore Botanicals product (see above), cause I am kind of digging this hole line right about now. I pretty much live for a good clay mask, this one in particular. The ingredients include French Pink Clay, Rosehip Powder, Rose Petals, Chamomile Powder– all of which leave my skin looking and feeling like a newborn baby’s bum.

8. Coconut Oil // Yup yup yup. I said it– coconut oil. This should actually be at the very tip top of my list. If you asked me the one thing I’d need if I were stranded on a desert island, after Bitzy & my beau, it’d be coconut oil. Easy. I use it as a hair mask (DIY coming soon), in my mouth to Oil Pull (more on that here), on my cuticles & feet, on my skin, on my eyelashes to make them grow, etc. etc. I could go one for days about my love affair with coconut oil- but I honestly feel like you guys are probs sick of hearing about it. Like the annoying girl who only talks about her boyfriend… yea, that’s me.

9. Eminence Stone Crop Serum // Eminence products are literally everything. I could have made this whole list about Eminence, but I didn’t want to overwhelm you, so I narrowed it down to my top 3 ultimate Eminence must haves. First off, the Stone Crop Serum will literally change your face. I can’t even explain the fabulousness of it- you really just have to try it. Like really really really! It’s 100% pure liquid gold.

10. Eminence Probiotic Mask & Cleanser // & now for the other two. Start with the probiotic mask & finish up with the cleanser. I do the cleanser every morning & night, & the mask usually 1-2x a week. This leaves my skin feeling cool, clean, & taut taut taut. Glowing like there is no tomorrow.

Got any killer natural beauty products that you’re willing to share? Let me know!! I am always trying to grow my collection ;).

xx, E


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  • You mention that you use Dr. Bronner’s for laundry. How much do you use per load? I love this stuff and that would be pretty cool to be able to use it for the laundry as well.

    • Erica Stolman

      Yes yes of course- I use 1/3 – 1/2 cup of for a large load mixed with 1 cup of baking soda & 2 cups of water!!!

  • LOVE, love, love. #5 is my fav… I put that sh*t on everything ♥

    • Erica Stolman

      It’s the best!!

  • Oh ya! Argan oil is the bomb! Best eye makeup remover ever!
    Hilary x

  • mark

    Burts Bee’s Repair serum is a combination of like 20 some oils. It really does eliminate fine lines.

    • Erica Stolman

      I will check it out, thank you!

    • Renee

      Which one do you use, the repair serum with attar rose or the naturally ageless intensive repair serum?

  • I am also a skincare freak… And I have recently fallen in absolute love with peaches skincare. It’s only made from REAL plant-based ingredients. For the first time since my teens, I no longer wear a creamy base makeup to cover imperfections. It’s a must try product!

  • This is an awesome list! I am totally obsessed with Argan oil, Dr Bronners and Coconut Oil. I want to try it to make my lashes go

  • This is an awesome list! I am totally obsessed with Argan oil, Dr Bronners and Coconut Oil. I want to try it to make my lashes grow now too! I think the only thing I would add to your list is essential oils…I love them. Obsessed! They smell so good!

  • Great post! I have never heard of some of these products! Thanks for sharing gorgeous ♥

  • Any good natural sunscreens?