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Alright alright, let’s talk vintage.

Whenever I post something that is vintage on social media, you guys are always asking me HOW to shop vintage. Thrift stores are kinda icky, it’s a lot of work to find that needle in a haystack, & finding something new online is just so much more convenient.

I get it, 100%. Honestly, for all those reasons, I have stopped my in person vintage shopping & stick strictly to online.

Don’t get me wrong, when I was younger w/ less responsibility, digging in a vintage shop was one of my favorite past times… but now, there is just no spare time to dilly dally around digging through stacks of clothes.

That said, I still love the thrill of the finding something amazing that no one else can get their hands on, so I have taken my vintage shopping to the internet the past few years. So far I have scored some amazing Chanel riding boots for a ridiculous price, a Chanel belt, this epic scarf print blazer that gives me major Versace feels (tagless, but amazing), & SO much more.

Online shopping for vintage can get tricky & can seem pretty overwhelming for beginners/vintage in-store veterans, so today I’m sharing with you all my top tips for finding the best vintage pieces on the world wide web + all my favorite online destinations for vintage shopping!

If you know a vintage shop I need to check out, PLZ comment below! Sharing is caring ;) x, E

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How to Shop Vintage Online

1. START W/ ACCESSORIES: clothes can be a little tricker & overwhelming, so if you’re new to the vintage shopping world- start small with accessories! Think chunky gold necklaces or designer vintage bags.

2. MAKE SURE SELLER IS REPUTABLE: check reviews of who you’re buying vintage from, google if their legit, ask questions, read their return policy/about section, & make sure their payment process is secure. Nothing bad about buying vintage, but you just want to make sure you’re not buying a fake Louis with a zero return policy. w

3. BE SMART ABOUT SIZING: always read measurements of different pieces & compare to your own, but also- remember that vintage sizing is different from modern sizing. If you’re unsure if something will fit, ask the seller how it runs compared to modern sizes. If it’s too big & you have to have it- just get it altered when it arrives (but tell your alterations people it’s vintage so they handle with care!).

4. COMPARE PRICES: before you press the buy button, see if you can find the same thing elsewhere for cheaper. This mainly applies to designer accessories, because with clothes it’s usually a one and done situation when it comes to vintage. If you find a vintage Louis Speedy bag you can’t live without, search on eBay to see if they have it for a better price.

5. GO WITH YOUR INTUITION: if you like something at first site & can’t stop thinking about it, trust yourself. If you’re worried it’s borderline costume-y, trust yourself.

6. DON’T HESITATE: things go fast in the vintage world, so if you want something, don’t think about it too long- it will be gone before you know it (trust me, this has happened one too many times for me!).

7. KNOW YOUR FABRICS: when it comes to vintage clothes, you have to remember, they’ve been around for a hot minute. SO- to make sure you are getting something that isn’t gonna fall apart first wash, look for fabrics such as cotton/wool/linen/silk- all of which are known for being sturdy & withstanding the test of time.

8. HAVE AN IDEA IN MIND: don’t go in blind, you want search terms or else you will be inundated with an overwhelming amount of vintage! Have an idea of what you’re looking for- few examples: vintage scarf print blazer, vintage denim cut-offs, vintage paper thin t-shirt, etc. etc.

9. BOOKMARK YOUR FAVE SELLERS: as you navigate the world of online vintage, bookmark the shops you like most, follow them on Instagram, & check back them often. You never know what gem is gonna come into your fave online vintage shop any day of the week!

10. HAVE FUN & ENJOY THE HUNT! cause at the end of the day, vintage shopping is really fun & the feeling you get when you score big is seriously!!!

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Online Vintage Shopping Destinations

DEPOP: This is a mobile app I use on the daily. It’s basically Instagram, but for shopping other peoples closets, & it’s got some KILLER vintage from some really cool people. You can read more about this app here, shop my closet here, & download the app here.

ETSY: my go-to!! I have shopped Etsy for as long as I can remember & is always great when you’re looking for that certain something. Personally, I do a lot of my vintage t-shirt shopping on Etsy (Bad Brains Vintage is my spot), but the options are endless. You can search by decade, seller, style, whatever your little heart desires.

SPANISH MOSS: for the boho babe, Spanish Moss will be your new favorite online shopping destination. It’s full of floral kimonos, flowy maxi dresses, & some seriously rad vintage jeans.

ASOS MARKETPLACE: ASOS marketplace was one of my first experiences w/ vintage shopping online way back when, & it’s always been a favorite spot to find an epic score. They have tons of tons of boutiques created by independant sellers who take the vintage shopping game to a whole new level. Some of my personal favorite boutiques in the ASOS marketplace are Dark Paradise vintageRokit vintage, & Florrie Janes vintage.

ARCHIVE VINTAGE: this place is the SHIT. No joke, I just came across it & spent hours perusing the epic vintage last night. They have tons of designer pieces (Chanel, Dior, Versace, etc.) that will literally blow your mind- personally, I am kind of obsessed w/ this Missoni knit trench & matching bell bottoms.

WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND: another treasure trove of sick vintage designer finds (often times the very hard to find pieces). Their home base is in New York City, so you can guarantee what’s coming into their shop is next level. Check out this sick Chanel cuff bracelet & this dope paper thin Harley t-shirt.

Shop Vintage Vibes

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Pretty Little Thing red off the shoulder shirt | BooHoo black lace-up mini skirt | thrifted scarf print blazer (similar) | Quay x Desi ‘High Key’ fade aviators | Balenciaga Ceinture boots | Fawnstar ‘Higher Cred’ choker

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  • Amarcord is amazing. If you’re in NYC stop by…but you can shop online too! Also, Another Man’s Treasure in Jersey City :)