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++ a quaint lil’ thrift store set-up ++

Getting back into the swing of work life after my trip to Dallas hasn’t been easy, to say the least. Especially since I came home w/ some serious back pains (ouch!!). So, this weekend was all about reducing my stress levels by relaxing at the beach (the weather is insane here.), scoping new vintage stores, doing some serious stretching, taking a much needed trip to my chiro, & making my home office more “back friendly” AKA getting myself a proper desk chair (GAME.CHANGER!!).

All in all, this week I am feeling refreshed… a bit stressed still, but ready to kick ass. Oh how I love my Monday’s…. & no, I am not kidding. Monday’s are the best- it’s like you get a brand new fresh start to do better than you did the week prior. Right?!

Happy motivational Monday all you workin’ babes <3.

xx, E

fashionlush, this & that, fashion accessories

++ weekend essentials:: new insane metal cut-out sunnies, classic white hightop cons, & my fave vintage Louis. ++

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++ cheeky lil’ reminder ;) ++

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++ truth! ++

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++ the beautiful babe lounging in the heat ++

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