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Ohhh hey ladies! Happy Monday ;).

SO- did anyone here go to Coachella? If so- how was it? Personally, I’ve never been. It looks like so much fun, but for me, it seems like a panic attack waiting to happen. I am more of a go to Palm Springs & sit by the pool with a good book kinda gal.

…I will say though, Coachella style always gives me major FOMO. It’s not everyday you can walk around with gems on your face, glitter in your hair, chain link bras, & all that shit I saw all over the gram this weekend. This year really took the cake though- the fashion was on point & I def. ended the weekend w/ a whole bunch of inspiration to now attempt to incorporate into my normal life.

AS for my weekend, it was mellow to the extreme. I was a single dog mom while Zack was out of town, so the girls and I did a lot of cuddling, dog parking, eating, internet-ing, & just all around chilling.

I also became obsessed w/ a few new things… as I often do, which I wanted to take a minute to share with you guys. When I find something I love, read something really good, hear a great song, try a great product- I fixate & I like to share with everyone.

That said… I def. wanna do more of these latest obsession round-ups so you guys can get a peek into what is inspiring me at the moment…. & so the checkout lady at the grocery store doesn’t have to pretend to care while I ramble on about the latest book/shampoo/documentary stuck in my head.

1. Lauren Baker’s Neon: ran into Lauren Baker’s work by accident while in LA a while back, & have been obsessed ever since. I am not one to hop on trend trains, but you can’t deny how rad her neon art it.

Also- it’s making me majorly beating myself up over the vintage neon sign I took to goodwill two years ago… it said peachy & was uhhhmazing, but it electrocuted the fuck out of me so we threw it away. Why I didn’t just get it fixed instead literally eats me up inside. Major fail on my part… but now I am saving my pennies for the above piece. SO rad.

2. Tickled, the Movie: holy shit you guys… Tickled.

I don’t even have words, cause I am still processing what just happened in this documentary… but you got to see this creepy af/oddly entertaining/confusing/hilarious/sad/WTF documentary about the dark side of COMPETITIVE TICKLING.

No joke. This shit will blow your mind. Follow it up with Tickle King as well & then come back to LMK what you think.

3. The Kindland: this website is everything. It’s like Bustle (which I get sucked into way too much), but for the world of marijuana. Trust me, bookmark this baby… it’s amazing.

To get you started, check out this article about the soon-to-be Church of Cannabis in Colorado (road trip in my future) AND this brand that is being called the ‘Hermés of Marijuana’ & is a favorite among some really cool celebs.

4. Prince Harry: I love the royals, & I love the fact Prince Harry is openly sharing his struggles with mental illness. IT IS SO IMPORTANT people are open about it, especially when those people are public figures that are often looked up to.

Not only does it bring awareness to these very important issues… but it helps to reduce the stigma of mental illness and make the world feel a lot less big & scary to other people struggling.

5. Hydrafacials: UM. Have you guys had a hydrafacial yet? If not, book an appointment stat. I just had one done at Skinny Beach (if you live in SD, check it out! I dig this place!). It is SO skin plumping and fabulous- if you’re looking for glowing & dewy skin, you will be addicted to the hydrafacial!

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