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I am a face mask girl, tried & true.

Nothing more I love in life than turning on a Lifetime movie, lighting some candles, put on a face mask, & maybe even paint my nails. It’s my ultimate form of relaxation… & pretty much the only time I am totally chill & stress free.

Plus, the after effects of a good face mask are irreplaceable. I can be having a bad skin day, do a face masks for 20 minutes, & have a completely refreshed/glowing/acne free complexion.

Face masks are just skin miracles, & trust me when I tell you, I have tried THEM all. I am always buying the latest & greatest in the world of face masks, & this year has been ALL about the face mask.

SO- to make shopping for the perfect face mask easier for you guys, since there are literally ENDLESS options out there, I am sharing with you guys my top 5 favorite face masks!!

x, E

P.S. if you’re more a DIY type of girl, be sure to check out my epic homemade TURMERIC & HONEY face mask for acne.

P.P.S If you’ve got a face mask I should try, PLEASE comment below! Did I mention- I love face masks?!

fashionlush best face masks of 2017

Best Face Masks of 2017

I. Boscia Luminizing Black Mask:

I LOVE A PEEL OFF MASK. They are just so damn rewarding- don’t you think?

I know there are all those horror stories going viral on YouTube of girls crying when peeling of these shiny black masks, but I swear to you- not the case with this one.

It helps to boost your skins clarity & shrink pores while literally pulling out all dirt & impurities & exfoliating off dead skin cells. Plus, it’s ingredients include Boscia’s signature botanical blend which helps to prevent free radical damage, nourishes the skin,  firms & tones complexions, provides anti-bacterial benefits, & helps to calm irritation.

I like to apply a TINY bit of oil to my skin first, just to ensure it’s not gonna hurt to pull off, & then I apply a VERY thick layer of this stuff. The thinner it is the more likely pulling it off will hurt. Let dry for 30 minutes, slowly peel, & reveal glowing skin (& then… moisturize!).

II. Sunday Riley Saturn sulfur mask:

When I heard Sunday Riley was coming out with a sulfur mask for acne I was thrilled. I have used the Mario Badescu sulfur mask for years whenever I broke out, but not gonna lie… it was seriously stinky.

I seriously love everything about Sunday Riley (branding on point), so I had high hopes for their new sulfur mask… & it met all my expectations & then some. The sulfur mask is barely stinky at all (compared to how bad sulfur really smells atleast) & seriously heals acne overnight.

It’s a miracle, no joke.

It contains tea tree oil, bentonite clay, zinc PCA, and sulfur… all natural ingredients that help to dry up acne, reduce redness, & dry up excess oil.

You can leave it on for 20 minutes & rinse with warm water just like any other mask, or if you’re having a nasty breakout or just one gnarly pimple, it works great as an overnight spot treatment!

** but first, decode your breakouts w/ a little acne face mapping so you really know the source of the zits!**

III. Wildcare Soft Focus mask:

This is my luxurious/treat yo self mask that I use after a few days of heavy mask usage.

Masks CAN be drying on the skin, so it’s always good to have a nourishing mask to use once a week.

This coconut milk mask by Wildcare is a real GEM. It is so light, so soothing, & so moisturizing. The coconut milk provides the skin with rich & fatty nutrients, while the pearl powder reverses sun damage. Like most clay masks, it draws out impurities, yet UNLIKE most clay masks, it leaves your skin feeling nourished & happy.

To use: mix powder with water (or ACV for extra toning) & let sit for 20 minutes. Rins with warm water & spritz your face with a rosewater spray!

IV. Peach Slices sheet masks:

Sheet masks are ALL the rage these days, & for good reason… Korean’s know their shit when it comes to skincare.

I actually use mainly Korean skincare products & LOVE everything I try. You can check out a few of my favorite Korean beauty products here & here, but now I am adding these Peach Slices masks to the list.

Peach Slices is the sister brand to the very popular K-Beauty brand, Peach & Lily. They are sold at CVS (UHHH-MAZING) & my personal favorites are the Hyrdrate (thyme & morning calm flower) & the Firm (pomegranate & honey)…. although all of them are pretty damn good.

Yes, I’ve definitely tried them all… twice.

 The sheets used for the masks are really amazing & don’t slide off your face so you really feel like you’re getting max absorption of the serums used!

V. SOO AE purifying & brightening peel gel:

Okay- on our way camping we stopped at Wal-Mart & I of course had to peep the beauty section, which is where I saw they had SOO AE products for sale.

SOO AE is another super popular K-Beauty brand & their Brightening Peeling Gel is raved about amongst beauty bloggers. Technically this is not a mask, but I use it like a mask… so, we’re gonna put this one in the mask category.

This gel is a gentle exfoliation combined with natural cellulose to moisturize while it successfully sloughs off dead skin. It also contains vitamin & fruit extracts to help unclog pores & bring back radiance to the skin.

I rub it on my skin in circular motions, let it sit for about 5 minutes, & go back to circular motions for a few minutes to really slough off all that nasty skin/clear out pores. I rinse with warm water & then apply a moisturizer!

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