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You’d think cause I’m a style blogger, I love having photos taken of myself.

Well… no, I am not that narcissistic (lol). I love style, I love fashion, I love being creative, & I love sharing with you guys, but taking photos isn’t always my favorite part of my job.

I like it cause it embodies all of the above, but it can also be draining. Cameras are energy suckers, it’s kind of a known fact.

Also, it’s work. YES- it is fun work, I am not complaining at all, but it is work nonetheless. It’s not always easy changing in the car, worrying how the photos are coming out, dealing with onlookers staring, & just trying to get the shot.

SO- for all my aspiring bloggers out there, I wanted to share some of my top tips for getting the shot, getting it quick, & not wearing yourself out… cause there is definitely a method to the madness.

Every blogger has there own photo preferences, & they may be different than mine, but hopefully these tips can get you on the road to upping your street style photography game. If you have ANY questions or need more info, comment below! I am happy to answer <3

x, E

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Street Style Photography Tips

I. Choosing a Photographer

Okay, so everyone always ask me how I found the master that is Arielle, the answer… I got very lucky. She actually was assigned to shoot me for a magazine feature & when it was done, neither of us were obsessed w/ the magazines vision. We did a few of our own afterwards & LOVED how they turned out… SO we decided to shoot again, sans magazine crew & the magic happened.

She got my vibe, we worked well together, & it’s been history ever since… but, I know it’s not that easy for everyone.

Pre-Arielle, my boyfriend shot my photos, & I am in a lucky situation where he is an amazing photographer, BUT… he has his own job/life/things to do, so my constant need to get photos wasn’t working out anymore. I do not have an INSTA-husband who is ready to quit his job just to take my photos… LOL.

I also would enlist the help of my sister often. She has zero experience with photography but anyone can be trained. If you are using family members, get a good camera + some good lenses (85mm is my favorite for edgy shots, & I also love a 55mm for that blurred background) & just set up the shot for them. I would make my sister pose in the spot, I’d find the angle, & all she had to do was hit the shutter. EASY PEASY.

If you’re really ready to go professional, find local photographers in your area that are up & coming on Instagram & ask if they want to collab. That’s how you build a relationship & you’re helping them get exposure so it’s a win-win!

II. Finding the Light

Everyone’s got there preference on light, & mine is different than most. Golden hour is NOT my jam. I don’t like orange tones in my photo, so although golden hour provides beautiful photos… it’s not for me.

I typically like to shoot later in the day, but before sunset, & I am most always hunting for the shade. Shooting downtown is great, or anywhere there is tall buildings, cause it creates the shade for me. Sometimes I like to shoot in the sun, but it depends on the outfit. This day we shot in the sun & it turned out rad, in my opinion!

Also, the light should always be in front of you. For selfies, insta photos, street style, flatlays, everything! Blogger’s love to stand in front of windows, it’s a thing.

III. The Backdrop

I used to be all about blank walls, but have since changed my ways. The backdrop you choose should always match your brand. If you’re a minimal blogger- black and white walls are always a good idea.

If you’re into street style, hit the streets (again, downtown areas are great for street style photography). Think about crossing streets & hanging out in front of big buildings. It’s very New York-ish (like this post).

If you are into more bright/colorful/girly photos, think of places to shoot like flower fields, gardens, amusement parks, cute coffee shops, etc. These locations would all actually do really well at golden hour. Totally depends on the vibe you’re going for!

Sometimes, depending on the outfit, I like to get weird & hit up a cool looking tire shop or even a vintage inspired laundry mat. I am the queen of snapping photos of cool spots while driving & dropping pins. I keep a little bank of photo locations in my phone, so when Arielle & I are struggling to find a spot to shoot, I’ve got a back up list of places to go!


IV. Playing w/ Angles

It takes experience to master your angles, but once you do, it’s a cake walk. If you can’t tell… I love a LOW angle. It makes me look taller & my legs look longer. I am the queen of asking everyone to get low for the gram.

If your photographer is shooting up to down, ask to see how the photos look, they could be right… but I always am scared when I see a photographer shooting at this angle. It’s not the most flattering.

V. Move A lot, but with purpose

I probably move too much, according to everyone who takes photos of me, but movement can definitely work in your favor… just do it slower than me.

Walking shots aren’t ACTUAL walking shots… they are more like exaggerated steps. VERY EXAGGERATED. Think of everything you do normal, & up the ante. I don’t walk with a wide stance normally, but it works for photos.

Play with your hair, sit down, stand up, walk, spin, get your clothes moving (especially if rocking something flowy!). Always stand up EXTRA straight as well. You may feel like your pushing your boobs out way too much- but I promise, it will look better on camera.

Basically, you will feel kinda like an idiot when moving around so dramatically, but it works.

VI. The Three Shots to Get

Okay, when taking photos there is always the rule of three: full body, half body, details. These are the three shots to focus on. Not much else to say here, but it’s great to let your photographer know you’d like to split up shooting into those three sections!

Need more help taking outfit photos? Check out some of my favorite photo hacks to help up your blog photo game!

wearing: Biatu ‘the Erica’ hoodie (custom made- how cool is this?! she sells it now to everyone & it is SO soft!!) | black vinyl mini skirt | red sock boots | Quay x Kylie ‘Starstruck’ sunglasses

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