Valentine’s Day Gift Guide


Okay, so personally I am not the go all out Valentine’s Day kinda gal, but I am also not one to turn down an excuse for a bomb dinner & a little prezzie.

Plus, it’s our anniversary- which always make VDay a little bit more special. Actually, I lied… it’s not really our exact anniversary. We don’t know when the exact date was, so we chose for Valentine’s Day so we could kinda kill two birds with one stone.

Like I said– not huge on VDay, so combining it with our anniversary is kinda forcing me to get all lovey dovey.

Now for the important part though… presents! Yes yes, it’s a total Hallmark holiday, but just go with it. Any day where we get presents is a good day for me.

Typically I like fun presents on VDay like a cake bath bomb w/ a surprise in it, my favorite scent, candies or some new sunnies… but I also would not be mad w/ those pink Princetown’s or the heart studded YSL bag.

p.s. have to mention, I threw in the Kendall Jenner Saint Laurent heart shaped fur coat just for fun. It’s 15k, which is insane & way too expensive, but it’s just so damn cool.

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  • Anything pink is my favourite already! Nice selection! :)

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  • I was just telling Erik the other day that if I was filthy loaded rich, I’d wear things like the KJ heart coat, etc, on the daily. I’d dress as extra as possible! Now if only I had 15k casually laying around ;) great picks per usu! I LOVE the heart bag – I think that shape will be huge in the upcoming season {personally loving red & hearts for spring vs pastel florals!} xx

    • ditto lady!! We are always on the same page ;)