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fashionlush, casual style, work attire

Sometimes I dream about working a 9-5 job.

I did it for a hot minute, but then the blogging thing kinda took off, so I just went with it…

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE what I do… but it’s a lot sometimes. There is no clock out at 5pm to go home to watch Netflix & then go to bed at 10pm. It’s never ending. This morning I woke up and immediately looked at my calendar. I block off time to do different things- & rn I am blocked off till 10pm but I am 2 hours behind because I decided to take a lunch break (vs. my normal eat a protein bar and keep working), so I will be up till midnight working on the stuff I had blocked off.

Plus, because of that lunch break, I am now racing to write this post so that I can shoot a video tutorial, DIY project, & three Instagrams before the sun goes down in 2.5 hours.

& that’s NOT even including writing tomorrow’s post… so I will actually be going to bed around 2:30am tonight probz. Good times- ya?

fashionlush, casual style, work attire

I know I am blessed, & my job is def. cool… but I just sometimes think about all those people getting off work in 3 hours who get to go home and make dinner with their s/o & then get just chilllll.

Okay okay- enough of that rant. Today’s post is what I would wear IF I worked at my imaginary desk job, OR what I actually wear for a meeting. The blazer keeps it profesh… & then if you take it off, a little pop of lace w/ some metal(lica) to keep things edgy/cool. Perfect for that work to happy hour transition (wonder what that’s like?!? sounds fun…)!

Shop this full look below & freaking happy Thursday. I am in major need of some wknd.

p.s. the grass is always greener, I know I know ;).

fashionlush, casual style, work attirefashionlush, casual style, work attirefashionlush, casual style, work attirefashionlush, casual style, work attirefashionlush, casual style, work attire

wearing: Metallica graphic t-shirtlace long sleeve top | camel longline blazer | ripped skinny jeans (my FAVES!) | flatform sandals | fishnet socks


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